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Info on GPR thunderline Exhaust system for 07-11 Bikes?

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Im currently searching for an exhaust for my 08 Graffiti and ran across this system on ebay. However I cant find any information on it to include on the site.

I did find some systems for the 05 600rr, and it looks to be a dual outlet exhaust which is what im looking for. I was wondering if anyone knew if this system would be similar? Or does anyone have any information on it or pictures of it on a 07+ bike?

Im still having a hard time bringing myself to spend the $589 for the toce or 800 for the hyperflo, but they are exactly what i want. Deep, loud, and good looking. Thanks for any help
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Heres some pics I found on another thread but im not sure which series this is, but it is what i am looking for.

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Just ask the seller on ebay.. maybe he can help u..
btw if your looking for deep and lound go with MGP from Hot bodies :D
Yea i sent the seller a message also and ill let you guys know what he says, but i was just seeing if anyone else had experience with the GPR exhaust. The more opinions the better lol :)...and the growler is on the list, but i dont like the looks as much as the toce or hyperflow. I do like the price better tho!
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