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Hey everyone,

I’m sure this has been asked a million times and I’ve searched it but didn’t see what I was looking for.

I got my first street bike, an 06 cbr600 and I’ve been shopping around for insurance And I’m just shocked at how expensive full coverage is..yes it’s a supersport so that doesn’t help lol.

I’m 26, perfect driving record, great credit score and I have my truck and home insured through progressive. I live in Phoenix az

I’m paying 118 a month for maxed out coverage on my 19 ford raptor so it’s a little tough to swallow paying that for a sub $3000 bike lol

full coverage through progressive comes out to be a little under 2k a year. No collision or comprehensive is about 750 a year (liability, underinsured and uninsured).

I’m not even sure it’s worth getting collision or comprehensive on such a cheap bike.

Anyway what’s everyone paying for their older bikes?
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