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Interesting weekend

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To sum the weekend:

1) One buddy crashed. ZX-10R. Bike is just cosmetically damaged. same for the buddy.
2) Friend with R1 has an engine mount fail on him, while riding.
3)Friend on a ducati 7 had his chain fly off
4)Friend on ZX-6R has his two bro can fall off. The remaining pipe melted the tailight off the tail.
5) Got 862$ and 7 points in tickets for doing 172km/h in a 100km/h zone (108 in a 60) It was actually just 562$, but he gave me an extra 300$ of government cheese for "evading police" and he told me he would review highway cams for extra tickets i would get in the mail. I would have gotten away if it wasn't for the other cop at the fork ahead. Damn! Here are some pictures...

Here are both cop cars, the one who flagged me and the one who blocked me at the fork. Although I passed him successfully I wasn't up to a full fledged police pursuit knowing that it's a long weekend and the "SQ" are everywhere

The cops that blocked me left and now a safety vehicule has arrived to warn the traffic of the dangerous 600RR (see the truck!). How nice. Nothing my VFX tail kit can't do :)

The next day: It was late at night when the ducati lost the chain. So I waiting till the cops arrived to help him out with two other buddies on 600s. Here is when the cop car arrived on the shoulder

It was cold so my 2 friends and I waited in the back seat of the cop car to warm up before leaving my friend with the Duke alone with the cop. She showed us how the speed radar works as cars are passing by and how it is integrated to the car to trap speeders while rolling. Sucks for us.

There she is again. Her name was Amélyne I believe. She was so nice. I hope my friend was a "real gentleman" after me and the other two 600s left. Hehehe.

Here we are in the back of the cop car. You can't see much of us. But you can see that the trunk is open and the lights are on.


She tells us you are clear to bomb till Montreal!!!!(70+km - 44miles)
So we killed it at 200km/h+ back home in light traffic. Some cops are sooo cool. Thanks Amélyne! We love you!
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I stop for cops, they usually let me off the hook when they see I am courteous to them and honest (also a flash of the military ID helps, got to take the perks when u can get them). If I have done something wrong I usually know about it and will admit to it unless i haven't got a clue why he is pulling me over. Met some cool cops and some shitty cops but its been about even. I usually ride pretty sane on the streets (unless we are bombing some backroads we know to be cop free, even then we are careful).
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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