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Iphone mount install w/pics to come in the near future ;)

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Well, i just ordered a weatherproof usb socket and moto-d's (black) mount. The usb is at the house but the moto-d is shipping out on tues. not that it matters right now cause i'm nowhere near my house lol. playin around in a sandbox far far away lol. But I pretty much know how the install is gunna go in my head already. Just gotta get to the bike and see exactly where I'm going to mount the usb brick. I'm thinking on the black plastics where the front forks are so it's out of the way but accessible. My plan is to leave it capped while i'm puttin around town and junk but when i'm going on a long ride, i just whip out the black ipod cable already looped and tied for the length and plug it into the iphone. i think i'm going to just mount the iphone flat on the mount with some industrial velcro. I gotta wait to see what comes in the package but i think they come with it already.

I'll be providing a detailed install when i do it like my "Heated Gear Install" back in '09 with pics and everything. I'm stoked. I've always wanted a way to mount my phone for gps and music for those long rides. I don't know how many times i've had to pull over and look at my phone cause i got lost and looked to see if i missed the turn. just an FYI, don't thrash the idea of this cause you think i'm going to ride with my eyes glued to the screen... lol... I'm a techy guy who likes techy gadgets so what better then to have an iphone mount on my bike!!!! Can't give dates on here to when I'll be doing it but... when I get to my bike, I'll start the thread ;)

If you got any tips for an install like this, I would appreciate them.

I plan on using motionx drive for the gps app. I can preload map tiles for the route i'll be taking. though, i wish i could manually choose what "area" i want to download like in the regular motionx app. but most likely i'll have service for most city areas. Just will have to let the device choose the map tiles for the route i make. oh well
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Look forward to seeing it man. I am a techhead too. Going to do a camera mount and in helmet bluetooth communication set soon myself
awesome man! you decide which bluetooth set you want? I've made it known to the wife that I want the scala g4. lol. that would finish my communication setup. have gps and music straight through the bluetooth. and with this usb port i'm putting on the bike, i can charge anything usb like the scala g4 or whatever.
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