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Is it reusable?

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deep 0.07inch~0.1 inch i guess.............
I don't know why, but the piston broke and the pieces dug up the wall.

ugh... danoxyz.. thats why....
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i dunno, surely previous owner lmao
I decided to work on the cylinder sleeve.
I'll reveal the before and after later. :DD
I just went through this, melted a hole in a piston and scored the cylinder wall...

My original plan was to hone the cylinder smooth or bore it .5 over and get a 67.5mm piston...

But then I found out about these coated cylinder walls and realized that honing or boring wasn't really the best option.

I ended up buying a used case ($150) & a used piston ($30) on ebay.
Plus new rod bolts ($55) & a couple gaskets and rebuilt the whole thing for about $400 myself if you have the time and patience 👍

The bottom case is the old one and the 2nd hole from the left was the one I honed before I changed my mind

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