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Hi, could I ask you guys for a moment of help please?

I took my bike out the other day, 1st to 2nd off throttle for corner and bike began accelerating, I braked hard but bike carried on pushing the back wheel in front of the front and kicked me off.

I think this has been caused by a faulty IACV going by my research on the net. I have made a short video of the noise it makes when I turn the ignition on. I don't remember if it sounded like this before as I wasn't ever listening for it.

Would someone be able to listen to there's and confirm this for me?

I have disconnected the fuel pump for clarity of noise and the camera is pointed at the valve.

Ignore the knock knock knock at the end, that was a car's airbox chatter!

May be worth noting, the bike had fitted at the time:

Q/S + Exhaust Servo Elimninator + Akrapovic slip on + cat & exup removed, K&N air filter (no need for remap type) + ram air feed hollowed out. PCV + O2 eliminator/plug running standard air filter and Akro slip on map.

I did notice a few days earlier when idling in 2nd it jumped up to about 3k but didn't give it much thought, idled fine in neutral before and fine in gears after the incident, I even ran it up in gear on paddock stand and didn't run on.

At the time I thought my throttle had jammed open but I inspected it and it returns fine on springback.

The bike rode fine before the decat but I can't see it having such a big effect.

I have stripped all the electronics off the bike and am waiting on a standard exhaust to return the bike to standard to carry out more testing.

So far my conclusions are, ISCV, TPS, IATS or PCV have gone wrong and created this fault, I don't have any FI warning lights but I understand there may still be a fault stored in the ECM.

Any way here's the vid, please have a listen, I would really appreciate some feedback.
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