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Hey guys!

A few weeks ago I fixed my turn signal issues that I have been having. My bike has sat for a few weeks and I am now experiencing my fuel pump shutting off while I'm riding.

Last night I decided to ride my bike and it took a while of messing with the kill switch to get my fuel pump to prime it's self at start up.

I will be riding for about a mile or two then it would just die with the oil light flashing/on. (It has a fresh oil change and is at the correct level) I then have to completely turn off the ignition key and kill switch then turn them back on to fire up the bike again.

Could this be a loose connection at my blue plug where I corrected my wiring for the flasher relay or is this a whole new issue I am going to have to challenge?

I never had this issue before I fixed my flasher relay at my blue plug. I even went on a ride after I completed fixing my flashers and I didn't have this issue.
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