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I've been doing some part ordering lately and so far have gone through Jason @ STG, lexusrx @ Superbikesupply, and Hard Racing.

STG: I ordered the Driven pair block off plates and they came quickly and were exactly what I was looking for. Jason was real easy to work with even though i'm sure he's slammed with other orders. Currently have a rear brake res and some fluid on the way from those guys.

lexusrx @ Superbikesupply: These guys gave me an awesome deal on the Vortex rear sets for my bike. Called him up and he made sure to let me know they would have to wait a few days before they got their next shipment in before they could go out. My bike is in pieces right now anyway so that wasn't a problem. As soon as they got them in they sent them out and shipped in 2 days.

Hard Racing: They had the special for the Galfer SS brake lines going on that I couldn't pass up. Ordered smoked lines with the red ends and that was exactly what I got! Again, couldn't be happier with the service.

Overall it has been a great experience working with these guys and as I still have some items to check off my parts list i'm sure I will be getting in touch with these guys again. Looking at all the parts I've been ordering from these guys maybe I need to start up a build thread!:crackup:

Going to keep trying to support the vendors that get out here and put helpful posts up for the .net members whenever I can.
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