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We've been involved in doing private trackdays for a few years, and our last one involved some rental bikes for the trackday and was a great success, so we're going to step it up and do a few more per year.

Our trackdays are small and personal, aimed at first time track riders and relaxed riders looking to enjoy the day, get a little instruction and support, and generally have a high fun/low stress day. Not race practice, ride practice with a friendly attitude. The Smaller size makes it perfect for most riders.

We will be running 3 small groups (a 15 riders per group), and we're all pretty much friends and it's our track for the day. We'll go to 2 groups after lunch usually, and on Sunday we'll run the course in the opposite direction for people doing both days to have a new track to run. In our experience, you won't have more fun than this, and we will probably be able to flex the rules a bit and manage more tracktime than that.

The trackday cost is $150 for one day, $290 for both days,

Our Phone number is 888-914-4473 if you want to talk to us about it. You can also e-mail us at [email protected]
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