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So, my last bike was nice white '07. 600RR and I had really good time with it; in town, on longer trips and on track. I really enjoyed riding it but at the end of the last season I was really pushing it on one practice session and I crashed it (front was busted) so I sold it.

* Road reports; on Croatian language but pics are universal language :)

- This is SPAAAARTA! - Tour around Greece and Balkans - 2010.

- Grossglockner Luftwaffe - Austria 2011.

So... new year and new ideas :)
I tried my friend's KTM SuperDuke '06. and was amazed how good it is, superb power delivery (2 cylinder is fun!!!), excellent handling and powerful sound.
So, I was looking for something like that and then suddenly something else came into story - everything was like SuperDuke, but name was different - Aprilia Tuono '06. :)

Just got it yesterday and went today for first ride and was smiling most of the way :)

Oh, those 2 Akrapovic pipes do sound amazing :))

Turtle and the rabbit (nice contrast in one shot from the heroic town of Vukovar and near monument of General Blago Zadro -

P.S. Sorry for my bad english and yes, I know, Croatian license plates are gigantique :)

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Verrrrrry nice Aprilia! :) The 600 was such a sweet bike. Sorry to hear it went down. :-(

So does "basta" mean "stop" like in Italian?

And yeah, I've never seen such massive license plates before! Haha!!
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