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Knocking sound? or misfiring?

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I got a 2008 CBR600RR and i recently noticed when I am decelerating, I can faintly hear a knocking sound that sounds almost similiar to a rod knock sound. I cannot be totally sure as i do not hear anything when it is idling. Could it be a misfiring issue cause by bad plugs or ignition coils?

If it helps, when I throttle the bike above 3k RPM the bikes somehow sounds like a V-engine? but when it gets in the upper RPM band it sounds alright.

Any inputs on this or experience with this you guys had?
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Greetings & Salutations!!!

1. do compression test, post numbers here

2. post pics of all spark plugs

3. send injectors in for flow-testing & cleaning Mr Injector
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Do you hear something?
Slight unevenness on decel.
Could be worn-out chain & sprockets.
Worn-out cam-chain or tensioner.
Might be uneven cylinder firing due to blown headgasket (sucks in coolant on decel).
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manometer to balance throttle bodies.
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