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Kobe leathers

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Hey guys, I just bought a Kobe Talon suit from the guys at 1888fastlap. Awesome service and because you can't really buy Kobe leathers at a shop, they told me if the suit I get doesn't fit they will pay the shipping for return and the next suit the ship to me. I'll post some pics and a review as soon as I get a chance to try it out.
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Kobe leathers are great. My wife has a Kobe Talon suit and i am pretty impressed with it so i will be buying myself a Kobe suit in the near future. The guys at 1888fastlap are great guys to deal with.
I go in there all the time (I live in Atlanta). The Kobe are a steal, hard armor, speed hump, etc.... just didn't have my size. Check out tire prices too. I paid around 130.00 for my rear sportec M-1 mounted and balanced.
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