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lettering wanted

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I love the 2 R's on the back of the bike...and I have an idea of something to do. But what I need is a good electronic version of them. I know someone out there can help...
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'electronic version' is mighty vague. any specifics?
a template maybe that you can mess around with on the computer ?
I want the 2 R's so I can print them out. They are not your normal font like you will find in Word....I can go to Jetblasts site and save the one, but I want just the RR....
Hope that helps....
I gathered that, but what format do you want? Or what format are you able to use?

.jpg .gif .bmp .psd .png .eps .pcx .ai .fh10 .fh .pict .wbmp .tga .raw .pdf .dxf .cgm .cdr .dwg .rle .emf .rtf .pov .3ds .3dx ......etc

Any preferance?
mainly just the common formats..bmp, gif, jpg

I will be printing it and then justing something out with it...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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