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I've been ordering parts from this place for quite a while now and I have to say, i've never gotten parts at a better deal. Also, when you order somthing here, he makes sure it gets to you quick! This is the one place to get what parts you need with excellent deals, fast shipping, and great customer service! Unfortunately, the LCC shop burnt down in march and ever since then he moved the shop next door into a quite smaller building. Despite these hardships, he is still gets his customers whatever parts they need and makes sure they get them quick and at a great deal. I have the upmost respect for this shop. You can get parts for any of your rides here ... ex. street, dirt, sidexside, etc. I have definately had a positive experience with this shop and everyone that I have recommended to this shop has had a great experience with them. So whatever you need for any of your toys at home, give LCC a call, its the only place to get your parts. They've go a website too.

Heres the link:

They're phone number is : 606–672 BIKE (2453)
OR TOLL-FREE : 877-633-3395
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