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Lights flicker fast at low RPM

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Well i added resistors to my setup for my fronts and resistors for my rears...
Yet when its bellow 3k rpms the lights double flash.
I think it has something to do with the higher voltage above 3k RPM's then at idle. My question is if i add to much resistance will it blink slower above 3k rpms?
Before i went to an integrated tail light and had just my Rizoma Zero 11's with resistors it was fine. It was after i put the integrated tail on with the extra Rizoma resistors is when I had issues.

Thanks guys!
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yeah i'd like to know too. In my case I had first gotten rizoma's for the rear and added the supplied resistors on each side, worked fine with the rizoma and stock turns in the front, then my watsen's came in and those are suppose to have it built in resistors, but if i'm no reving, my turn signals blink like disco lights...
djentangle, SAME EXACT ISSUE! if I am in gear cursing they work fine but if I am at a stop light its SUPER fast. I hope someone chimes in.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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