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After my 999 test ride, I have been wanting to get a V- twin. I love the mille RSV Factory and I really like the 1098 however the price of the 1098 is a bit out of my budget so would be waiting for the 848 to come out next year if I went the Ducati route. I could buy the Mille now.
My bike is considered high mileage over here in the UK with just over 17000 on an 05! So the trade in price i have been offered is not good. I also feel I owe that bike too much having it from new and also paying for repairs out of my own pocket, dropping it both sides in the garden cost me a new set of fairings!
I like the FireBlade, the 1000 inline fours are amazing bikes but they are missing all the bling, Ohlins nice wheels and brembro brakes seem to be on all the italian bikes but not standard on the Jap bikes! I do like my bling! I also love the rumble from a V-twin.
So basically I am keeping my 600RR as my daily ride and wanting to get either the 848 Ducati or the mille Factory. The ducati shop I get my 600rr serviced at have started taking deposits on the 848. I think the 1098 is perfect looks wise and I am thinking power wise it would be perfect.

Well I could get a Mille Factory now or wait a year for the 848. What to do?

Anyone else thinking of getting the 848?
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