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We are going to be doing a 4pack for the LBC show. Cost is $500. This is a SWEET deal considering Pahrump, Buttonwillow, and Chuckwalla are all going to be in the $150-$170+++ range. Here are the rules for the pack:

Packs are good for the 2009 season only. You may not share the pack with anyone meaning that they are non-transferable. You may purchase as many as you want for yourself or anyone else, but once they are gone, they are gone. These are LIMITED in supply so act fast. You may purchase the pack for another person, however, once that person’s name is on the pack they are responsible for it. We also ask that purchasers give us the dates that they wish to attend by the end of January so that we may put you all in the system to secure the spots. No guarantees will be made that the group/date you want will be available and everything is on a first come first serve basis.

And now for our SURPRISE! In the past we required that people come to the show to purchase the show special packs. In these tough times, and to not screw over our friends who live far away that like to ride with us, we have decided to change things up a bit. Here’s the deal. This link: already added to the website will be available to purchase starting the Friday evening when the show opens at 4 pm and will be available to purchase the pack until Sunday night when the show is over at 5 pm.

See you all in 2009!!!!
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