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Short story: i need a 03/04 rear subframe - if you know of one for sale or have one let me know please - i would really appreciate it (checked in classifieds section already, no luck)

Long story: when i bought my bike i knew the fairings were iffy, the guy admited to laying it down, but the engine and mechanicals were fine and the price was good. So i bought it and planned to get a new fairing set later.

well its later and im going to put on the new fairing set, and full exhaust system and a few other parts ( all 03 specific) and i discover that the moron i bought it from had replaced the entire rear subframe when he fixed the fairings. so all the parts and stuff dont fit. so i need a new subframe.

again, if someone could point me to one i would really appreciate it since im parked till i get it and i really want to ride again :)
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