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Looking for donations/ help

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So I have decided to do a custom paint job on my 600RR. Going to do a digital paint scheme to match the F/A-18 Super hornet I spent 3 months painting last August( link below) Looking for some donations/price deals on Flat black powder coating for the driver and passenger rearsets and mirrors, Blue back lit gauge/indicator display. Would also like to get the rime PC'd as well but have not decided on a color yet...The colors for the paint job will be Viper silver( or close to it), titanium, a gun metal gray, black and a cobalt or candy blue. I have not found the exact colors I'm going with but I won't start the job until August..Once the it is complete I have gotten unofficial authorization to take pics of the bike and jet next to each other. I just have to file the correct paperwork to make it official to get the bike on the parking ramp next to the Jet and to get the jet in a position to take the pics so there are no other jets behind it or in the picture. I don't have to do what i'm asking for but it would complete the look of the bike and the bike will be apart. If no one is able to donate or give a price cut on the PC or gauge color that's fine, I understand the economy sucks right now. I will just piss can the rear sets for the picture.. For anyone that donates i will put their name/company on the bike somewhere or on a plaque of some sort for like bike nights, etc., still have not decided where to put on thebke fi i go that route. I understand the economy sucks and people need to make a living and money is like gold so I 'm not asking for anything to be done for free but i won't turn free down either. I'm willing to pay but also trying to keep the cost down...This bike is also a daily rider...if ridden a full week i will put 500 miles on it just to and from work, not including side trips on the weekend or around town running errands so it will be seen by a lot of people....any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. jet/
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i have nothing to offer handyman sorry but i can say how wicked awesome that hornet looks! great job man!!
Just stand out on some random corner with a cardboard sign saying starving artist will work for paint supplies!.
or homeless please help me TY.
seems to work prety well for some of the drunks in my town that have cars and homes i see people give them money all the time:drunk:
sorry man, im a poor student :( but im looking forward to seeing your pictures, gl on the project.
PM Tripage... You can find him in the Vendor section. He quoted me a VERY fair price on some powdercoating. He does guages too.
I'm not looking for money...just a price break on proper/good PC work and cost on the gauges. Guess I should have made that more clear, sorry. But if you want to donate some money I won't turn it down..If people want to donate money( again not asking for $$) great...just PM me and i will provide my paypal account...

With this..should something happen and/or I can't to paint the bike i will refund every cent donated back to those who donated...One reason I ask for a Pm so i can track them... If you "gift" the money It won't charge you the 3% fee...
i have nothing to offer handyman sorry but i can say how wicked awesome that hornet looks! great job man!!
Thanks.. I found out yesterday that some head honchos from Boeing, the company who built the jet, saw this During the 100 years of naval aviation celebration in San Diego and flipped..They loved it...The jet was the center piece of it all... From what i heard, Boeing wants more pictures of the jet andwants the jet to come out the headquarter's office and The crew that painted it may be going out there as well. So we will see what happens...
wow awesome job on that jet mate! must of been a pain masking up haha. in the earlier pics i was thinking it looked ok, until the final pics with the darker colour applied. great job niceone.:thumbup:
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