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Looking for "Honda" decal

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I'm trying to find the classic "Honda" decal for my whats shown at the base of the fairing in this pic. My bike like the picture is also black. Anybody know where is best to get this?

Searched the forum but saw some dated posts regarding this issue or posts where guys wanted much more than something as basic as whats shown in the pic?

Not looking for customized fancy stuff ...but I need something that won't discolor or fade after a few weeks.

Finally I'm also looking for a seat cowl ....saw the dealership version for $175 ...but I was wondering if they don't have a cowl that's just solid like the fairing? Not sure I like the dealership model.


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I found Honda decals on amazon! There are some other options for the rear seat cowl which can be found on eBay do honda stuff. there not OEM though
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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