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I didn't realize how difficult it was to find pics and feedback of an M4 Slip-On for a 600rr. So, for those who are interested/curious about this slip-on, I hope this helps you make a decision.

I've had my 600rr for a year and a half or so now... and I've really taken my time deciding which slip-on I wanted to go with. I felt a Yoshi was a solid choice, especially for the price point... but I wanted something a little different than what most people had so I held off. I also looked at Akrapovich, but I couldn't justify spending that much on an exhaust when I could use that $ toward other modifications (tires/warmers/suspension) for the track.

While I was at the track last month, I saw someone with an M4 on their Suzuki. I started doing the research and realized that many of the current race teams are using/praising M4. I had good vibes from the videos and reviews I read and checked on the price. Then I went to Dynojet's website, and was happy to see that they had a map for that slip-on on their website.

Decided to go for it from Sportbike Trackgear and paired it with a KandN Race Air Filter. I'm located in TX. I placed my order for the filter and the exhaust around lunch time on Wednesday. I received the air filter on Thursday and the Exhaust on Friday. Lucky for me, M4 is in Dallas, TX, So I received the order quickly enough to make it a Fri Night project.

Packaging on the M4 was flawless. Packed tightly in the box, the midpipe and silencer are both wrapped in bubble wrap. The silencer has an additional "kraft paper-like" wrap around it to further protect the CF finish, and they put your name and order # on the side of the box. It's pretty legit, makes you feel like it was made just for you, :)

Installation was a breeze. No hiccups. Never had a moment where something didn't feel like it fit right. Every piece in that box felt like very high quality, even down to the mounting brackets and hardware. Got it mounted, switched out the stock air filter with the KandN Race... and downloaded the PC map from dynojet's website. The only question I have, that I haven't figured out yet... (going to call dynojet tom) is... do I add the fuel table values of 9 because i have an IRC installed with my power commander... I decided to add the values... put the bike back together.. turned it on... and WOW...

IMO... I can't see how anyone could be disappointed with this product. It's Awesome... As for the sound... it's a bit louder than stock when you start revving it, but not annoyingly loud... It's got a deep, crisp tone...

Cosmetically - I think it forms well to the contour of the bike. I left the exhaust shield that goes under the passenger seat off so the entire silencer is visible... looks really good. It doesn't really extend past the end of the tail either.

Performance - I'll have it on the track next weekend so I don't really know yet... but i went through the first 3 gears and there's certainly a performance gain... i'm sure the air filter has something to do with it... but the throttle response is much more crisp.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this mod/purchase. I hope this helps you guys out that are taking your time deciding on an exhaust system... If there's interest i'll do a follow-up post after i get it on the track next weekend...



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Damn Im not a fan of how much the hanger sticks out the metal part of it anyway. Damn that exhaust looks great tho. How visible is your Integrated tail light if you have one?

Ill be adding this to my list!
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