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Sunday was the most fun I have had in a long time. Finally had a couple of my buddies come over to my place with their bikes so that we could all go riding together.

I have been waiting for a couple of weeks to go out and actually ride my bike other than being in my neighborhood and neighboring streets. Why you might ask have I been waiting? Well, I bought my bike from a private seller in Missouri with a Salvage Title and I live in Illinois. I have been rebuilding it and have had it to a point where it is road worthy the past couple of weeks. Turns out, in Illinois, in order to get the Salvage title changed to a Rebuilt title, it needs to go through inspection. I completely understand that. State Police want to make sure that it's safe to be on the road for you and for everyone else around you. Here's what I don't understand; you have to have a Rebuilder's license, costs $50, the business that you work for has to pay for it, and the business that you work for has to be an auto mechanic shop or a body shop. So, long story short, I can not get the Title transferred into my name with a Rebuilt title to get plates for it, because I do not have that license. I called around to a bunch of shops in the area and only one of them had a license. They told me that they would not take it to get it inspected for me because it was not their work and parts. Yeah, it sucks.

Well, it was too nice of a day on Sunday to worry about the minor technicality of not having a license plate on my bike. One of my buddies was gonna bring me over one, but forgot it. I was just like, screw it, let's ride. Wound up riding all over; country roads, city roads, interstate. Didn't matter. I said you lead and I'll follow. There were three of us, I was riding in the middle with the guy in the back making sure to stay back a ways so as not to get any cops behind me. Had such an awesome time. Only saw a couple of cops in the hour and half we rode, and just turned onto some side roads/driveways and pulled the bikes in to conceal my lack of a plate.

Just wanted to share my excitement with everyone for the first time being out on the roads. Wish I had someone take a few pictures. Freakin awesome time!
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