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Hey everyone, I searched for some dyno maps online and the search came up empty. Aside from Dyno Jet's maps they have (available here: online, there doesn't seem to be a database from the 600rr community like there is for the 1000rr community (

I wanted to make one for our community here on (i'm surprised there isn't one already, if there is, please someone show me and mods sticky it!).

I currently don't have a custom map but when I do I will upload it and edit my original comment here. I plan on getting one in the spring time.

Even if someone with the same mods as you posted their map already then still post yours, it's always good to have variety.

I'll go first of what an example of a post should look like:
(please specify as much as possible, ESPECIALLY if you are using Dyno Jet or Bazzaz or any other manufacturer for fuel management).


YEAR: 2008
MILES: 20,000 (optional)
LOCATION: Massachusetts

Mod list:
Akrapovic Slip on
Arrow Headers
K&N Air Filter
PAIR Block off

110 Wheel Horsepower
47 Ft-lb Torque

Link to custom tune: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Additional info (optional):

example: Tuned in May of 2015 with 20% humidity.
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