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March 2016 BOTM - Vote Now

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BOTM Winner 09/12 Repsol DaRizzo And Don't U Forg
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Below are the entries for the March 2016 BOTM.
Best of luck to everyone.




Read carefully entries:
Each entry will consist of two photos per person, with the mod list no longer allowed you'll want to make them good and ensure that they clearly show off the best of what you've done to your bike. Replacing/Revising the photo of your bike will not allowed once voting has begun. Posting additional pictures of your bike in the BOTM thread is prohibited.

You may answer questions about your bike in the BOTM thread, however discussion of your mods cannot be allowed as this will result in one person having a mod list published and another not, making the competition unfair and being against what you all voted for, that being to get rid of the mod list.

You may not create threads or post pictures of your bike in other sections while competing in BOTM. Members who violate these rules will be disqualified.

One last thing, DO NOT post in this thread if you dislike the new rules or talk about the new rules in this thread. Speak about this in the correct thread. Posts will be deleted accordingly.

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