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Just got this email and there are plemty of discounts for us in the military. Check it out.

Here's part of the email followed by the link:

Wow - go to the link, and look at what the military is earning as discounts
from literally dozens of companies!

Please pass it to the troops.

Extracted the article below from the CMSAF Outbox:

Greetings all....
I'm proud to announce that the new Discount Center has launched
and is generating rave reviews among our members. With more coupons, more
categories and improved search capabilities, finding military discounts is
now easier than ever. Currently, over 500 companies who support our men and
women in uniform and their families, veterans, and members are
Please take a look when you get a chance. There are some great savings that
I'm sure everyone in the entire military community may like, active,
reserve, retired, family member and veteran. This is a free service we
provide to our members - and also free advertising to companies
that support our men and women in uniform.
If you are aware of any companies who should be participating in the
Discount Center, by all means, please let me know.

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