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Should have put this stuff in my other post, but I got some miscellaneous parts for sale. Im moving and trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible and some of this stuff people may be able to use so I do not want to throw them away.
Got set of stock signals. Just need to wires extended as they were cut short. Check out the listing below.

Rear fender stay and guards. Its been modified to look more flush. It was cut basically. Check out the listing.

Stock exhaust. Posted on the parts section here but here is a ebay link. Might be able to get it cheaper through a bid if youre interested.

Got a modified gas cap. Its the stock one but my key broke off inside, so basically it has a hole drilled through it with a solid, flat piece of metal that swings back and forth to keep it shut. Check out the listing for more details and pics

All of these prices are pretty low since theyve all been modified in one way or another, except the signals and exhaust. If you PM me before buying I might be able to reduce the price a bit for you, or if you message me through ebay just let me know you saw the post on this forum.
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