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Modifying stock exhaust?

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Hey guys. I am quite new to the scene. I have owned my '03 for a few months now and have only put about 100 miles on it (if that). I have no complaints with performance whatsoever (still haven't come close to 'pushing it'). But..I do wish it had a more aggressive sound to it. I am not too eager to spend $300+ at this point in time on a slip-on so I was wondering if any one on here has modified their stock exhaust at all. A buddy of mine altered his gsx-r exhaust by shortening it and this made a dramatic difference. Would someone provide me with some advice on this matter and possibly direct me to any related thread or 'how-to' on this? Thanks in advance!
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whats the point of changing the sound of your bike, when you barely ever ride . sorry not trying to be an arse but thats how i see it

oh ya check the search function you'll find what you need
buy a bicycle and blow into a cazoo
yeah i just punched my exhaust out, i used a 1/4 in spike and poked about 50 holes, then i used a 1in square stock i had sitting around, sharpened at one end. i made two holes with that, and a lot of little holes around those. sounds really good. not too loud at all, not too raspy either.

but yeah search will answer almost anything you need.

ps get out and ride!! im at about 2 weeks and i have 900 miles lol. new '06
Oh yeah...about the riding. Summer school finally got out so I have some damn time. Looks like its cooling down here in Cali a little bit so I can get out there and ride. Can't wait to do this mod. I'm probably going to combine it with some painting of the exhaust too. Black sounds about right.
def paint that can, i will be removing and painting mine prolly tomorrow since my bike is down while waiting for the correct front sproket to come in(gee thanks fastlap). i think it will improve looks a lot on my bike(black 06), ill also be putting more LEDs in the rear pegs and painting them flat black as well. should look sweet.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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