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Okay so as the title says here is my review.

Here we go,
I'll start with the good. I ordered two items from the site 1 being the Two Brothers Exhaust (black series carbon) and 2 being the top tune kit from Two Bro's.
I received my exhaust very quickly. I ordered it May 7th and got it on the 10th. They even called me to confirm my address because I had a separate billing address from my shipping address. I was very impressed with the customer service at that point. He also informed me (Neil was his name, I believe from what I have found on the internet he is the owner/operator) that the top tune kit was not in stock but I would get it sometime the following week either the following wednesday (the 15th) or thursday (the 16th)and that I would get a call by then letting me know the status of it. Which is completely understandable and reasonable. :shakehand:

Things start to go south,
Okay so thursday rolls around (the 16th) and I still have not received an email or a call giving me a conformation number for shipment or letting me know anything at all for that matter.
I go ahead and give them a call. I get threw to a sales rep (female don't remember the name, but sounded young) and explained the situation. She was very courteous and helpful ensuring that I would receive a call updating me on the status of my order, and that somebody was on it and she would make sure it was taken care of.
Monday comes and I still have not received a call or email from morepowerracing. I try to call them several times but I don't get threw to anyone so I give up. Im not perturbed yet because I assume they are in the process of shipping it out or already have and Im sure that among other things they are just busy. :ponder: :popcorn:

Tuesday...TODAY! :ciao:
I call more power racing and get the girl again. She tells me somebody has dropped the ball she will get Neil the supervisor to give me a call as soon as he gets off his phone call. We will take care of this today!
this is at 10 Am...
I wait about 5 and a half hours and still haven't received anything from anybody. So I give them a call, Neil answers. He assures me he is not hanging up the phone until this is dealt with! Im like **** yeah..I sit on the phone for 10 minuets or so and he comes back on.
He just plays the classic blame game telling me Two Bro's is the one at fault :blahblah: I just appese him and listen to his pitch waiting for the actual solution to this problem.
I get 3 options..."well" he says you can wait another week and thats when we will get the top tune kit and then ship it to you, we can get you something else, or we can refund you the money. :banghead:
He again goes into how its not their fault its Two Bro's he appologize's ect. :blow:
I tell him I just wan't the refund and they did...Im just waiting for it to clear and go back on my card at this point. In all honesty he was very polite and did do what he said by taking care of the issue before he hung up. Although not exactly what I was expecting or wanted..... :bore:
Im not pleased however with everything else...a simple email letting me know the status of my purchase...a call back....or a simple go **** yourself would have been nice.
Anyways.. IMO I give them a 6/10 overall. Good try though :thumbup:
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