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Moriwaki Exhaust picked up today!!! ~added PICS~

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Picked up my Moriwaki exhaust (motoGP style) from [email protected] today. Damn, that thing looks great even in the box. :Spin:
Gotta get home... Gotta get home... Gotta get home...
Damn it's only 3:30 p.m... 2 more hours of work.
I think I'll take a sick day tomorrow to unstall the Mori and other goodies from Nick's "Candy Store".
Thanks Nick!!!

Here's some pics:


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Installed them last night. Took me about 5 hours!!!
Should've saved time and just spent the money to get them installed. Could have prevented a few minor cuts on my hands. :crutches:
Self-installed or professionally installed, looks good either way you take it. :D
Will post pics this weekend after polishing the cans.

Also, installed eurobikes front and rear huggers!!! still waiting for the undertail so that I can get rid of the ugly OEM fender.

She's starting to look BEAUTIFUL!!! :drool:
Definetly need some pics now. Sounds like she's looking good.
Hey guys, the pics are in the edited message.

Also, 2 more in my personal gallery[/url]
Hey Jaebster, Looks awsome man!

I've seen this gp exhaust in person and I know how good the quality and looks is.. Not only from the side but from the back!!

Nice bike about that fender.
dayum looks awesome! thinkin about that for my 1000rr. got the 2bros slip on my 600rr
Thanks Guys.
Just got my Moriwaki Sliders installed today, with PCIII, and alarm.

About the fender - Yeah, it is ugly. Ordered the Eurobike undertail from Nick but it hasn't come in yet. Wanted to post pics after I got the undertail cuz I knew someone would comment on the fender. haha. :lol2:
Fixed it for ya. Your "/" was misplaced

Bike look nice

Jaebster said:
Here's some pics:

It looks good on the blue. Not crazy about it on the other colors.
too bad they don't have cf application or else it would look sick but nonetheless it looks awesome with the titanium too! nice pipes man!
That looks really good mate.
wow, now you gotta upload some sound bytes so we can have a listen to her. lookin good.
b-b00gie, it was almost $1,300 (don't remember exactly).

Thanks for all the compliments. I know that the little side can doesn't fit everyones tastes but I think it really looks cool.
that is all that matters for your bike.

how does the color match on the front/rear fenders?
The color match is pretty good. In bright sunlight, the huggers are very slightly darker than the bike fairings. You can't really tell unless you hold up the huggers to the fairings in bright sunlight. Since the huggers are usually shaded by the bike's body, it is not noticeable.
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