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Most Bike Owners Own a Pick-up or an SUV?

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Is it me or is it common?
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I have a 2005 Toyota tacoma prerunner, 4dr, long bed. Its only a 2 wheel drive but its gone over dunes in Glamis! I've used it for my bike, sons quad and every day stuff. I love it. Cars are pointless to me. You can't fit anything in them, better on gas, but that all.
Here is my baby in all her glory!

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I did also ride in a new Jeep 4x4 diesel this weekend. Its not sold here cause the smog laws in Cali. They bought it in AZ. Its pretty bad ass. It even went up Oldmobile Hill in Glamis. Took the whoops like a champ too.
IronManRR said:
I saw something in the beginning of the movie Torque...The sign said "CARS SUCK". (But that Lotus looks dangerous)
I remember that. The bike flew past and the street signs spun and it read "Cars Suck". That was cool. The movie sucked except for the beginning when they were tearing up the canyons!
1 - 4 of 246 Posts
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