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OK... Mother or not... this offer is going out to all the ladies.

Until Friday, May 14th, all ladies get into ANY trackday at NH or NJ for just $125!

Not sure if you'll like riding the track?

No worries... if it's your first time riding with us, then this offer comes with a money-back guarantee.

If you decide before 11 AM that track riding is not for you, then come find me and you'll get a FULL REFUND!

But... you can stay and attend all the classroom sessions for FREE!
(if you're a woman and a repeat rider with TonysTrackDays, then you know how much fun it is and the money back part doesn't apply... but you still get the $125 part!)

Please feel freeto copy and paste this message to any forums you're on that might have some lady riders interested in trying the track.

And to all the Mom's and Mom's to be... thank you!


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I think i'll speak for all the guys here.... Where's the Father's day special?? :five: :crackup:
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