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Well MM93 has done it twice now, but actually gained 1 point by JL99 winning and not Vale or Dani. 4 races to go and he still holds a commanding 75 point lead because he has dominated this year thus far!!, if you do the quick math it's just a matter of when he will clinch the title for the second straight year!!!

Circuit Info:
Length: 4.801 m / 2.983 miles
Width: 15m
Left corners: 6
Right corners: 8
Longest straight: 762 m / 0.473 miles
Constructed: 1997
Modified: 1997

Introduction: Located amongst the vast natural beauty of the northern Kanto district, the twin ring circuit at Motegi in Japan consists of a 1.5 mile oval and a 2.9 mile road course constructed to international standards. Built by Honda as the ultimate test facility in August 1997, the road circuit became home to MotoGP in 2000 whilst the oval is designed to introduce American motorsports culture to the country.
Twin Ring Motegi is a major attraction for motorsports fans all year round as it is the venue for the Honda Collection Hall, a museum which houses an illustrious collection of motorcycle, car and racing machines from throughout the ages. The complex also includes a safety and riding school, dirt track, go-karts, hotel, restaurant, shops and event halls and currently employs some 300 staff.

Fastest Lap 2012 Jorge LORENZO (SPA) Yamaha 1'44.969 164.6 km/h
Circuit Record 2012 Dani PEDROSA (SPA) Honda 1'45.589 163.6 km/h
Best Pole 2012 Jorge LORENZO (SPA) Yamaha 1'44.969 164.6 km/h
Top Speed 2013 Dani PEDROSA (SPA) Honda 310.3 km/h

Google Maps:,140.225844&z=14&t=h&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=embed

Current Points:
1 Marc MARQUEZ Honda SPA 292
2 Dani PEDROSA Honda SPA 217
3 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha ITA 214
4 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha SPA 202
5 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati ITA 142
6 Aleix ESPARGARO Forward Yamaha SPA 112
7 Pol ESPARGARO Yamaha SPA 108
8 Andrea IANNONE Ducati ITA 92
9 Stefan BRADL Honda GER 87
10 Bradley SMITH Yamaha GBR 85
11 Alvaro BAUTISTA Honda SPA 73
12 Cal CRUTCHLOW Ducati GBR 63
13 Scott REDDING Honda GBR 60
14 Hiroshi AOYAMA Honda JPN 51
15 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati COL 39
16 Nicky HAYDEN Honda USA 36
17 Karel ABRAHAM Honda CZE 33
18 Colin EDWARDS Forward Yamaha USA 11
19 Michele PIRRO Ducati ITA 11
22 Alex DE ANGELIS Forward Yamaha RSM 7
23 Mike DI MEGLIO Avintia FRA 4
24 Michael LAVERTY PBM GBR 2
25 Hector BARBERA Avintia SPA 2
26 Leon CAMIER Honda GBR 1

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All Times Eastern Time
9 October 2014

20:00 - 20:40
20:55 - 21:40
21:55 - 22:40
(Fri) 00:10 - 00:50
01:05 - 01:50
02:05 - 02:50

10 October 2014

20:00 - 20:40
20:55 - 21:40
21:55 - 22:40
23:35 - (Sat) 00:15
00:30 - 01:00
01:10 - 01:25
01:35 - 01:50
02:05 - 02:50

11 October 2014

19:40 - 20:00
20:10 - 20:30
20:40 - 21:00
(Sun) 01:00

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#MM93TitleChance - How Marquez can win the title at Motegi

If Marc Marquez wins Sunday’s MotoGP™ race at this weekend’s Motul Grand Prix of Japan he will seal his second premier class title in succession. But there are several other potential race results which could see the young Repsol Honda star retain the World Championship crown.Although Marquez only managed to finish 13th at Aragon, he did finish one place ahead of teammate and closest championship challenger Dani Pedrosa, and in doing so increased his lead in the title chase to 75 points.

To win the title at Motegi, Marquez needs to finish ahead of Pedrosa. In addition to this, he needs to lose no more than three points to Valentino Rossi and lose no more than 15 points to Jorge Lorenzo.

Listed below are the nine scenarios that would win the world title for Marquez in Japan:

- Marquez winning the race

- Marquez finishing second or third, ahead of both Pedrosa and Rossi

- Marquez finishing fourth, ahead of Pedrosa and with Rossi finishing third or lower

- Marquez finishing fifth, ahead of Pedrosa with Rossi finishing fourth or lower

- Marquez finishing sixth, ahead of Pedrosa with Rossi finishing fourth or lower

- Marquez finishing seventh, ahead of Pedrosa, with Rossi fifth or lower and Lorenzo not winning the race

- Marquez finishing in positions eight to 11, ahead of Pedrosa, with Rossi no more than three places ahead and with Lorenzo not winning the race

- Marquez finishing in positions 12 to 15, ahead of Pedrosa, with Rossi no more than three places ahead and with Lorenzo not finishing either first or second

- Neither Marquez nor Pedrosa scoring points, with Rossi finishing 13th or lower and Lorenzo not on the podium

Fans wishing to support Marquez on his quest to clinch the 2014 title this weekend can use the hashtag #MM93TitleChance.

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Rivals on Marquez’s challenge to clinch the title
World Champion Marquez has a 75-point advantage at the head of the standings with four races remaining. If he beats his teammate Dani Pedrosa on Sunday – and avoids losing more than three points to Rossi and no more than 15 points to Lorenzo he will retain the premier class title.

Marquez said in Thursday’s press conference at Motegi that he does not feel nervous about having the chance to wrap up the championship at Honda’s home race and that he will approach round 15 as a normal race weekend.

To this Rossi responded, “I think it is the right choice because he built a big advantage at the beginning of the championship and now he can decide to ride at 100% always. That takes the pressures away from the other part. We have four races left and Marc wants to try to win the championship as soon as possible but it’s not the final game. It is just the first match point.”

The Italian Movistar Yamaha MotoGP rider added, “For me and for us three (Rossi, Lorenzo and Pedrosa), we have to just try to finish in front of him. We know that on Sunday if we get there behind him the championship will be over and we want to try keep it ‘open’ for another weekend.”

Lorenzo added, “If I was him I don’t know how I would manage it because I think I’ve never had such a big difference on points. But I always try to ride the same way. I try to ride on my limit but not go past it. So obviously if you have such a big difference on points you can have less pressure than if you lead by 10 or 15 points. So, I don’t think he will be nervous.”

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Rossi reflects on security after Aragon crash

"I took a little nap" lol
Have you recovered from your crash at Aragon?

“Yes, I'm fine. It was a big crash, but two hours later I was fine, no problems, I remember everything. Let’s say I had a little concussion, but everything is fine. I’m the same as before. In any case I’m not better than I was before, perhaps it could have been a good opportunity!”

Did the bike hit you during the crash?

“Yes, I think the bike gave me a big knock. It was the rear tyre of the bike because as I fell I took a hit, but I remember it well. But then, I think, the wheel hit me from behind on the right and that was the blow that knocked me out.”

So, you lost consciousness?

“Yeah, maybe for one minute. I took a little nap!”

But now you're 100% ok?

“Yes, of course, I’ve been at home, calm and relaxed. But also in the crash I broke a finger, and this is a problem because it does not bother me in normal life but it might to ride. On Tuesday I tried it with a street bike, but it hurt a lot. It is a small fracture and I hope it doesn’t bother me too much as it’s the index finger of the right hand, which is important for braking.”

What are your thoughts on safety in racing, especially after what happened in F1 with the Jules Bianchi accident?

“I’ve heard that there are riders who have complained about ‘flag-to-flag’ races, and tomorrow we'll talk about that at the Safety Commission meeting. Certainly it is a bit dangerous, especially because often you stay on track with slick tyres on wet asphalt, which is a dangerous situation with our bikes. But let's say ‘flag-to-flag’ is a solution to a problem, not having to stop the race because of rain. If the race was stopped it would be less dangerous, but as I say we'll talk about it tomorrow.”

“With respect to Bianchi, I’m so sorry, because I met him once at Maddona di Campiglio. He is a very nice, young guy with great talent and it is a real shame. He has had very bad luck, because the truck should not have been in the run-off area. It was probably a mistake, because if a crane is working on a run-off area they should stop the race or at least bring out the safety car.”

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"Fake" Grass has gotta GO!
Three of MotoGP’s top riders have said that artificial grass on the entry to corners has to be removed on safety grounds with Valentino Rossi, who fell victim to it at Aragon, saying it is dangerous and usless.

The Doctor, along with reigning champion Marc Marquez and former king Jorge Lorenzo, will bring up the subject at tomorrow’s safety commission meeting and try to get the grass removed on the entry to corners - although they disagreed as to whether it should remain on corner exit.

“Artifical grass is a thing we can remove. We are speaking always to remove on the entry of the corners on the brake points. On the exit it is difficult, on my side, because we need to have extra artificial grass because that means you have some limit on the track. If you have asphalt, then you try to push and push,” said Marquez.

Rossi added: “I think more or less everybody are agree. The problem is in some places the artifical grass is instead of grass but the result is the same, if you go on normal grass with the bike it is like artificial grass. For sure in the last year, we try to take out some but maybe in some places we have to keep but in some places it is dangerous and useless because you don’t need.”

“On the entry of the corner, you don’t need it but on the exit it would be better without, for safety reasons. It is complicated because you try and use more space but there will be a solution like putting more height on the kerbs,” concluded Lorenzo.

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FP1 Results:
1LORENZO J.Movistar Yamaha MotoGP1:45.838
2MARQUEZ M.Repsol Honda Team+0.166
3DOVIZIOSO A.Ducati Team+0.234
4HERNANDEZ Y.Energy T.I. Pramac Racing+0.275
5ROSSI V.Movistar Yamaha MotoGP+0.346
6BRADL S.LCR Honda MotoGP+0.392
7ESPARGARO P.Monster Yamaha Tech 3+0.427
8PEDROSA D.Repsol Honda Team+0.496
9ESPARGARO A.NGM Forward Racing+0.566
10BAUTISTA A.GO&FUN Honda Gresini+0.798

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FP2 Results:
1 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO ITA Ducati Team Ducati 305.5 1'45.140
2 99 Jorge LORENZO SPA Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha 300.5 1'45.580 0.440 / 0.440
3 6 Stefan BRADL GER LCR Honda MotoGP Honda 307.0 1'45.637 0.497 / 0.057
4 26 Dani PEDROSA SPA Repsol Honda Team Honda 306.1 1'45.727 0.587 / 0.090
5 46 Valentino ROSSI ITA Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha 302.3 1'45.890 0.750 / 0.163
6 93 Marc MARQUEZ SPA Repsol Honda Team Honda 305.4 1'45.939 0.799 / 0.049
7 44 Pol ESPARGARO SPA Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 303.2 1'46.041 0.901 / 0.102
8 38 Bradley SMITH GBR Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Yamaha 301.1 1'46.105 0.965 / 0.064
9 29 Andrea IANNONE ITA Pramac Racing Ducati 302.9 1'46.107 0.967 / 0.002
10 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW GBR Ducati Team Ducati 298.7 1'46.221 1.081 / 0.114
11 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA SPA GO&FUN Honda Gresini Honda 302.6 1'46.227 1.087 / 0.006
12 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ COL Energy T.I. Pramac Racing Ducati 302.5 1'46.297 1.157 / 0.070
13 41 Aleix ESPARGARO SPA NGM Forward Racing Forward Yamaha 296.5 1'46.315 1.175 / 0.018
14 8 Hector BARBERA SPA Avintia Racing Ducati 300.8 1'46.571 1.431 / 0.256
15 7 Hiroshi AOYAMA JPN Drive M7 Aspar Honda 298.1 1'47.133 1.993 / 0.562
16 21 Katsuyuki NAKASUGA JPN YAMALUBE Racing Team with YSP Yamaha 301.4 1'47.180 2.040 / 0.047
17 17 Karel ABRAHAM CZE Cardion AB Motoracing Honda 290.4 1'47.406 2.266 / 0.226
18 15 Alex DE ANGELIS RSM NGM Forward Racing Forward Yamaha 295.3 1'47.513 2.373 / 0.107
19 45 Scott REDDING GBR GO&FUN Honda Gresini Honda 287.0 1'47.586 2.446 / 0.073
20 69 Nicky HAYDEN USA Drive M7 Aspar Honda 288.0 1'47.975 2.835 / 0.389
21 9 Danilo PETRUCCI ITA Octo IodaRacing Team ART 284.5 1'48.264 3.124 / 0.289
22 63 Mike DI MEGLIO FRA Avintia Racing Avintia 288.0 1'49.105 3.965 / 0.841
23 23 Broc PARKES AUS Paul Bird Motorsport PBM 286.1 1'49.159 4.019 / 0.054
24 70 Michael LAVERTY GBR Paul Bird Motorsport PBM 288.5 1'49.321 4.181 / 0.162

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Pedrosa and Marquez outside top three after second practice
With limited track time due to track conditions in 2013, neither Marquez nor teammate Dani Pedrosa wasted any time taking to the track on Friday morning to rediscover their feeling at the circuit.

Marquez had a small crash after running on in turn five early in FP1, but he finished the session second with Pedrosa eighth.

In the afternoon, Pedrosa found a good rhythm and was able to test both option rear Bridgestone tyres - but is still looking for the best setup on braking points.

Marquez also tested both rear tyres and worked on his overall setup after losing valuable time from the crash in FP1. Both riders recorded their fastest time on their final laps of FP2, Pedrosa finishing fourth in the combined times with a 1’45.727 and Marquez in sixth with his lap of 1’45.939.

Pedrosa commented, “I think we had a good day of free practices. The track conditions were good and we were able to try out different tyres. In the afternoon we tried riding with the hard rear tyre, but we didn't use the hard front like others did. We will probably try that out tomorrow. Today we did some runs with a good pace, but we have to work harder to improve our lap times and be very focused on setting a good time in qualifying.”

Marquez added, “Today we struggled a bit compared to other circuits. We have not quite found the right setup yet, but thankfully it’s still only Friday and we have many practice sessions ahead and things to try out. The important thing is that I felt pretty good and, despite not being totally happy with the setup of the bike, we are not so far from the top. Let's see if we can continue in this way, improving over the course of the weekend.”

Positive starts for Lorenzo and Rossi
Lorenzo remained calm and collected while he focused on staying ahead of his rivals. The Aragon race winner took his time at the start of the morning Free Practice session to warm up the bigger carbon brake disks, which are obligatory this year because of the Twin Ring Motegi circuit’s heavy braking character.

Throughout the session the Spaniard was able to gradually improve his times and topped the standings with a 1’45.838 lap in the final minute.

The second 45 minute session also saw him directly on the pace, posting multiple 1’45 laps to comfortably claim second place. His fastest lap of 1’45.580 was just four-tenths from the leader Andrea Dovizioso - who used an extra soft tyre - and leaves him second in the overall times.

Lorenzo commented, “After the race win in Aragon we knew that here maybe we had a chance to go faster and be more competitive with this normal tyre on the rear. Also we knew that last year we were competitive and had good grip. From the beginning we’ve been on the pace and better than we expected. The bike is working very well, we can improve some small details in the settings, chassis and electronics but in general the pace of the bike is very good so I’m happy.”

Teammate Rossi showed that a heavy crash at Aragon has not slowed him down. Though heavy braking is challenging with his finger injury, the nine-time World Champion decided to ride without anesthetic injections and still managed to be at the top of the timesheets as the morning session began. The Doctor led the standings twice before finishing fifth with a lap of 1’46.184, just 0.346 behind his teammate.

Rossi had a similar session in the afternoon and was able to improve his time to a 1’45.890, less than 0.75s from the top. The result leaves him in fifth place in the combined times ahead of tomorrow’s sessions.

The Italian stated, “I feel good on the bike and don't have any particular problems. I have some small pain with the finger, especially when I brake there is a little bit of pain but I am optimistic, I can brake in a good way and I’m comfortable, I’m just in a little bit of pain. In general the first day was not so bad, it was good practice and I’m quite satisfied. We still have to work a lot, because we still haven’t found the right balance but fifth position is not so bad. I have a good pace and it looks like the Yamaha works well here in Motegi.”

Advantage to Dovizioso on opening day
Friday started well for Dovizioso who continued to assess the GP14.2 upgrade to his Ducati, able to finish FP1 third. Jorge Lorenzo (Movistar Yamaha MotoGP) continued his good form from Aragon to head Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda) by 0.166s and Dovizioso was 0.234s behind the Yamaha factory rider in the morning run.

The final stages of FP2 saw the Italian rider fit the extra-soft compound tyre and push hard for a lap time, resulting in a 1’45.140s. This put the Ducati man top of the combined time sheets, leading Lorenzo by 0.440s.

Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda) was down in fourth and over half a second slower than the Ducati rider. The two riders have battled hard for the final podium step in previous rounds.

The harder option tyre also had Dovizioso setting competitive lap times, the hard braking of the Motegi circuit suiting the Italian rider’s style.

“I felt really comfortable on the bike today. We were second until the last five minutes on the harder option tyre. I could make a similar lap time throughout on the hard tyre, I’m happy with the speed. We started with a really good setup from the chassis and electronics side and this has helped a lot,” commented a content Dovizioso.

He added, “We have to keep improving our speed to try and fight for the podium. This is our main aim. The new chassis doesn’t change how I ride the bike, the bike is better overall than last year. The electronics are better, everything is better and it gave me the chance to be faster.”
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