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About the circuit

The world’s most famous riders have taken part in GP events in Brno since 1930, where up until 1982 they would race through the villages and western parts of the city on a road track named after the first Czechoslovak President - T.G. Masaryk. A new circuit was built during the 1980s with the aim of attracting Formula 1 to Czechoslovakia, and in 1987 it played host to the FIM Czech Grand Prix. Popular with both fans and riders, the new circuit is built in a natural bowl which is banked in places to offer spectators an excellent view. Brno constantly changes in elevation as it sweeps across forested hillsides and its fast undulating corners test rider talent and engineering to the limit.

Circuit Record
Repsol Honda Team

Current Points TBD

2014 Podium:


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MM93's first crash of the day occurred after he entered a turn too hot. He kept it up, but lost control on the gravel trying to get back on track. It was really more a drop than a crash. Here is his second off - he tried to save it by pushing up with his knee and elbow!

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Gotta love back to back GP weekends. Marquez is on fire, I think he will take the win again. For Rossi and Lorenzo points are so important right now, and I don't think they are willing to take as many risks.

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FP1 results

1.Jorge LorenzoESPMovistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)1m56.499s[Lap 8/15]308km/h*(Top Speed)*
2.Marc MarquezESPRepsol Honda Team (RC213V)1m56.650s+0.151s[9/17]310km/h*
3.Dani PedrosaESPRepsol Honda Team (RC213V)1m56.784s+0.285s[17/17]312km/h*
4.Andrea DoviziosoITADucati Team (Desmosedici GP15)1m56.821s+0.322s[7/14]315km/h*
5.Andrea IannoneITADucati Team (Desmosedici GP15)1m56.914s+0.415s[14/16]315km/h*
6.Valentino RossiITAMovistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)1m57.038s+0.539s[17/17]308km/h*
7.Bradley SmithGBRMonster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)1m57.137s+0.638s[18/18]311km/h*
8.Aleix EspargaroESPTeam Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)1m57.597s+1.098s[14/15]304km/h*
9.Maverick ViñalesESPTeam Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)*1m57.753s+1.254s[13/14]305km/h*
10.Cal CrutchlowGBRCWM LCR Honda (RC213V)1m57.781s+1.282s[12/16]310km/h*
11.Yonny HernandezCOLOcto Pramac Racing (Desmosedici GP14.2)1m57.983s+1.484s[8/16]310km/h*
12.Pol EspargaroESPMonster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)1m58.195s+1.696s[9/16]309km/h*
13.Scott ReddingGBREstrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS (RC213V)1m58.365s+1.866s[15/17]308km/h*
14.Hector BarberaESPAvintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open)1m58.416s+1.917s[11/12]308km/h*
15.Danilo PetrucciITAOcto Pramac Racing (Desmosedici GP14.1)1m58.445s+1.946s[3/15]306km/h*
16.Nicky HaydenUSAAspar MotoGP Team (RC213V-RS)1m58.549s+2.050s[13/14]300km/h*
17.Mike Di MeglioFRAAvintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open)1m58.589s+2.090s[10/14]307km/h*
18.Eugene LavertyIRLAspar MotoGP Team (RC213V-RS)*1m58.656s+2.157s[18/18]302km/h*
19.Alvaro BautistaESPFactory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)1m58.669s+2.170s[17/17]302km/h*
20.Loris BazFRAForward Racing (Forward Yamaha)*1m58.720s+2.221s[14/16]300km/h*
21.Stefan BradlGERFactory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)1m59.434s+2.935s[9/17]303km/h*
22.Jack MillerAUSCWM LCR Honda (RC213V-RS)*1m59.559s+3.060s[12/12]298km/h*
23.Claudio CortiITAForward Racing (Forward Yamaha)2m00.074s+3.575s[14/16]300km/h*
24.Alex De AngelisRSME-Motion IodaRacing (ART)2m00.122s+3.623s[17/17]294km/h*
25.Karel AbrahamCZEAB Motoracing (RC213V-RS)2m01.881s+5.382s[8/12]297km/h*

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FP2 times.

Lots of crashes this session. Marquez went down right at the end, with Smith, Dovi, DiMeglio, Pedrosa, Rossi all going down at some point. DP26 had a fork oil leak, which took him down, and also VR46, who was right behind him. DP26 did not return, instead he went to the trailer to ice his ankle. MM93 had the fastest time of the session, while JL99 maintains best time of the day from FP1.

1.Marc MarquezESPRepsol Honda Team (RC213V)1m56.513s[Lap 3/16]311km/h*(Top Speed)*
2.Jorge LorenzoESPMovistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)1m56.589s+0.076s[3/16]307km/h*
3.Andrea IannoneITADucati Team (Desmosedici GP15)1m56.750s+0.237s[19/19]315km/h*
4.Valentino RossiITAMovistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)1m57.074s+0.561s[5/13]305km/h*
5.Pol EspargaroESPMonster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)1m57.078s+0.565s[16/16]309km/h*
6.Andrea DoviziosoITADucati Team (Desmosedici GP15)1m57.178s+0.665s[3/12]314km/h*
7.Aleix EspargaroESPTeam Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)1m57.202s+0.689s[15/15]302km/h
8.Cal CrutchlowGBRCWM LCR Honda (RC213V)1m57.229s+0.716s[16/16]309km/h*
9.Bradley SmithGBRMonster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)1m57.494s+0.981s[14/16]311km/h*
10.Yonny HernandezCOLOcto Pramac Racing (Desmosedici GP14.2)1m57.544s+1.031s[15/16]307km/h*
11.Danilo PetrucciITAOcto Pramac Racing (Desmosedici GP14.1)1m57.575s+1.062s[16/16]307km/h*
12.Maverick ViñalesESPTeam Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)*1m57.607s+1.094s[3/16]304km/h*
13.Hector BarberaESPAvintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open)1m57.718s+1.205s[13/16]311km/h*
14.Scott ReddingGBREstrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS (RC213V)1m57.860s+1.347s[2/16]307km/h*
15.Stefan BradlGERFactory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)1m58.484s+1.971s[13/16]302km/h*
16.Jack MillerAUSCWM LCR Honda (RC213V-RS)*1m58.512s+1.999s[9/14]298km/h*
17.Dani PedrosaESPRepsol Honda Team (RC213V)1m58.631s+2.118s[2/2]309km/h*
18.Loris BazFRAForward Racing (Forward Yamaha)*1m58.678s+2.165s[12/15]298km/h*
19.Nicky HaydenUSAAspar MotoGP Team (RC213V-RS)1m58.812s+2.299s[12/15]300km/h*
20.Alvaro BautistaESPFactory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)1m59.120s+2.607s[2/14]300km/h
21.Eugene LavertyIRLAspar MotoGP Team (RC213V-RS)*1m59.305s+2.792s[10/12]301km/h*
22.Mike Di MeglioFRAAvintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open)1m59.482s+2.969s[7/10]306km/h*
23.Alex De AngelisRSME-Motion IodaRacing (ART)1m59.680s+3.167s[2/15]294km/h*
24.Claudio CortiITAForward Racing (Forward Yamaha)2m00.781s+4.268s[4/12]300km/h*
25.Karel AbrahamCZEAB Motoracing (RC213V-RS)2m01.261s+4.748s[4/12]298km/h*

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Much cooler temps for FP3 compared to FP2. JL99 puts in a hot lap half a second quicker than anyone else, and it's the fastest lap ever at Brno.

1.Jorge LorenzoESPMovistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)1m55.476s[Lap 13/14]309km/h*(Top Speed)*
2.Valentino RossiITAMovistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)1m56.031s+0.555s[16/17]308km/h*
3.Marc MarquezESPRepsol Honda Team (RC213V)1m56.044s+0.568s[17/18]311km/h*
4.Bradley SmithGBRMonster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)1m56.195s+0.719s[17/18]311km/h*
5.Andrea IannoneITADucati Team (Desmosedici GP15)1m56.222s+0.746s[10/18]316km/h*
6.Maverick ViñalesESPTeam Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)*1m56.271s+0.795s[17/18]307km/h*
7.Yonny HernandezCOLOcto Pramac Racing (Desmosedici GP14.2)1m56.351s+0.875s[15/15]313km/h*
8.Hector BarberaESPAvintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open)1m56.400s+0.924s[12/12]311km/h*
9.Andrea DoviziosoITADucati Team (Desmosedici GP15)1m56.429s+0.953s[15/15]316km/h*
10.Dani PedrosaESPRepsol Honda Team (RC213V)1m56.471s+0.995s[18/19]310km/h*
11.Pol EspargaroESPMonster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)1m56.484s+1.008s[17/18]310km/h*
12.Aleix EspargaroESPTeam Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)1m56.533s+1.057s[16/17]303km/h*
13.Cal CrutchlowGBRCWM LCR Honda (RC213V)1m56.576s+1.100s[14/15]309km/h*
14.Danilo PetrucciITAOcto Pramac Racing (Desmosedici GP14.1)1m56.756s+1.280s[16/17]308km/h*
15.Scott ReddingGBREstrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS (RC213V)1m56.822s+1.346s[12/17]309km/h*
16.Alvaro BautistaESPFactory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)1m57.458s+1.982s[16/18]303km/h*
17.Mike Di MeglioFRAAvintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open)1m57.463s+1.987s[13/14]306km/h*
18.Eugene LavertyIRLAspar MotoGP Team (RC213V-RS)*1m57.849s+2.373s[14/15]304km/h*
19.Stefan BradlGERFactory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)1m57.910s+2.434s[16/18]303km/h*
20.Jack MillerAUSCWM LCR Honda (RC213V-RS)*1m58.090s+2.614s[3/12]301km/h*
21.Alex De AngelisRSME-Motion IodaRacing (ART)1m58.239s+2.763s[13/15]299km/h*
22.Loris BazFRAForward Racing (Forward Yamaha)*1m58.256s+2.780s[13/15]298km/h*
23.Nicky HaydenUSAAspar MotoGP Team (RC213V-RS)1m58.280s+2.804s[14/15]301km/h*
24.Karel AbrahamCZEAB Motoracing (RC213V-RS)1m58.947s+3.471s[12/13]303km/h*
25.Claudio CortiITAForward Racing (Forward Yamaha)1m59.165s+3.689s[14/15]299km/h*

Riders going directly to Qualifying 2 - Top 10 Combined Practice Times:
1.Jorge LorenzoESPMovistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)*
2.Valentino RossiITAMovistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)*
3.Marc MarquezESPRepsol Honda Team (RC213V)*
4.Bradley SmithGBRMonster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)*
5.Andrea IannoneITADucati Team (Desmosedici GP15)*
6.Maverick VinalesESPTeam Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)**
7.Yonny HernandezCOLPramac Racing (Desmosedici GP14.2)*
8.Hector BarberaESPAvintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open)*
9.Andrea DoviziosoITADucati Team (Desmosedici GP15)*
10.Dani PedrosaESPRepsol Honda Team (RC213V)*

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Q1 results

1.Pol EspargaroESPMonster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)1m56.212s[Lap 6/6]305km/h(Top Speed)*
2.Cal CrutchlowGBRCWM LCR Honda (RC213V)1m56.538s+0.326s[7/7]308km/h*
3.Danilo PetrucciITAOcto Pramac Racing (Desmosedici GP14.1)1m56.713s+0.501s[2/6]302km/h*
4.Scott ReddingGBREstrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS (RC213V)1m56.765s+0.553s[6/6]304km/h*
5.Aleix EspargaroESPTeam Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)1m56.806s+0.594s[2/7]298km/h*
6.Stefan BradlGERFactory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)1m57.133s+0.921s[2/7]297km/h*
7.Mike Di MeglioFRAAvintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open)1m57.215s+1.003s[2/7]302km/h*
8.Loris BazFRAForward Racing (Forward Yamaha)*1m57.540s+1.328s[2/6]296km/h*
9.Alvaro BautistaESPFactory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)1m57.552s+1.340s[2/7]300km/h*
10.Eugene LavertyIRLAspar MotoGP Team (RC213V-RS)*1m57.634s+1.422s[6/7]302km/h*
11.Nicky HaydenUSAAspar MotoGP Team (RC213V-RS)1m57.645s+1.433s[2/7]297km/h*
12.Jack MillerAUSCWM LCR Honda (RC213V-RS)*1m57.855s+1.643s[2/6]296km/h*
13.Alex De AngelisRSME-Motion IodaRacing (ART)1m58.599s+2.387s[6/6]292km/h*
14.Claudio CortiITAForward Racing (Forward Yamaha)1m59.145s+2.933s[7/7]298km/h*
15.Karel AbrahamCZEAB Motoracing (RC213V-RS)1m59.903s+3.691s[2/7]298km/h*

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Here's the grid for tomorrow. JL99 sets a new record, becoming the first rider to get under the 1'54" time. He'll be joined on the front row by MM93 (only 7 hundredths back) and a very determined VR46. Qualifying has been the bane of Rossi's campaign, so a front row start is a great result. DP26 will be on row 3, hopefully his foot will be better tomorrow.

Bradley Smith, still currently not renewed for next year with Tech3, continues his great results by qualifying 5th, in between the two factory Ducati riders. Hopefully, there will be an announcement about his contract at the Silverstone round.

Qualifying 2:
1.Jorge LorenzoESPMovistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)1m54.989s[Lap 5/7]308km/h(Top Speed)*
2.Marc MarquezESPRepsol Honda Team (RC213V)1m55.063s+0.074s[6/7]309km/h*
3.Valentino RossiITAMovistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)1m55.353s+0.364s[7/7]306km/h*
4.Andrea IannoneITADucati Team (Desmosedici GP15)1m55.390s+0.401s[6/7]311km/h*
5.Bradley SmithGBRMonster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)1m55.460s+0.471s[6/7]309km/h*
6.Andrea DoviziosoITADucati Team (Desmosedici GP15)1m55.935s+0.946s[6/7]315km/h*
7.Maverick ViñalesESPTeam Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)*1m55.954s+0.965s[6/7]303km/h
8.Pol EspargaroESPMonster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)1m55.955s+0.966s[2/3]309km/h*
9.Dani PedrosaESPRepsol Honda Team (RC213V)1m55.969s+0.980s[6/7]309km/h*
10.Cal CrutchlowGBRCWM LCR Honda (RC213V)1m56.192s+1.203s[6/7]308km/h*
11.Hector BarberaESPAvintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open)1m56.399s+1.410s[5/7]309km/h*
12.Yonny HernandezCOLOcto Pramac Racing (Desmosedici GP14.2)1m56.739s+1.750s[5/7]307km/h*

Qualifying 1:
13.Danilo PetrucciITAOcto Pramac Racing (Desmosedici GP14.1)1m56.713s302km/h
14.Scott ReddingGBREstrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS (RC213V)1m56.765s304km/h
15.Aleix EspargaroESPTeam Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)1m56.806s298km/h
16.Stefan BradlGERFactory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)1m57.133s297km/h
17.Mike Di MeglioFRAAvintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open)1m57.215s302km/h
18.Loris BazFRAForward Racing (Forward Yamaha)*1m57.540s296km/h
19.Alvaro BautistaESPFactory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)1m57.552s300km/h
20.Eugene LavertyIRLAspar MotoGP Team (RC213V-RS)*1m57.634s302km/h
21.Nicky HaydenUSAAspar MotoGP Team (RC213V-RS)1m57.645s297km/h
22.Jack MillerAUSCWM LCR Honda (RC213V-RS)*1m57.855s296km/h
23.Alex De AngelisRSME-Motion IodaRacing (ART)1m58.599s292km/h
24.Claudio CortiITAForward Racing (Forward Yamaha)1m59.145s298km/h
25.Karel AbrahamCZEAB Motoracing (RC213V-RS)1m59.903s298km/h

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This should be an amazing race! The top 3 riders in the world & top 3 in the championship, all on the first row, all still fighting for the championship at 100% fitness and top of their game! At a track they all like!

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Some interesting news I heard during the warm up broadcast - Yonny Hernandez will apparently NOT be returning to Pramac Ducati. The Pramac team have instead offered Danny Kent a 3 yr deal. They are also considering Johann Zarco.

Personally, while I think it was a mistake for Honda to bring Miller to GP straight from Moto3, I can't say I think the same for Kent. I think Kent can have an impact in GP, unlike Miller. However, I'm not sure he can do that with Pramac. If the factory Ducati guys can't podium consistently, then how can Pramac when they're getting last year's hand-me-downs? He'd be in the same boat as Miller, eking out a point here and there, but really just grid filler.

The quandary here is that there is an abundance of riders who can have an impact on a truly competitive bike, but there is a lack of truly competitive bikes. I'm sure it's every Moto3 rider's dream to be in GP, but with pretty much every good ride allocated in GP, maybe Kent should go to Moto2. Hopefully, he doesn't have Rabat's luck, who decided to wait for a better ride and has had some horrible luck this year.

TLDR; Damn, it's a tough decision to make for Kent after being offered a contract with Pramac Ducati.

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Lorenzo leads start to finish to take his fifth win of the season. He is now tied with VR46 for the championship, but has the first tiebreaker as Rossi has less wins with three. MM93 finished a distant second.

1.Jorge LorenzoESPMovistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)42m53.042s
2.Marc MarquezESPRepsol Honda Team (RC213V)42m57.504s
3.Valentino RossiITAMovistar Yamaha MotoGP (YZR-M1)43m3.439s
4.Andrea IannoneITADucati Team (Desmosedici GP15)43m6.113s
5.Dani PedrosaESPRepsol Honda Team (RC213V)43m8.692s
6.Andrea DoviziosoITADucati Team (Desmosedici GP15)43m8.767s
7.Bradley SmithGBRMonster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)43m14.863s
8.Pol EspargaroESPMonster Yamaha Tech 3 (YZR-M1)43m16.282s
9.Aleix EspargaroESPTeam Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)43m36.826s
10.Danilo PetrucciITAOcto Pramac Racing (Desmosedici GP14.1)43m38.303s
11.Yonny HernandezCOLOcto Pramac Racing (Desmosedici GP14.2)43m43.015s
12.Scott ReddingGBREstrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS (RC213V)43m43.216s
13.Alvaro BautistaESPFactory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)43m47.479s
14.Stefan BradlGERFactory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP)43m47.666s
15.Loris BazFRAForward Racing (Forward Yamaha)*43m53.358s
16.Hector BarberaESPAvintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open)43m54.637s
17.Nicky HaydenUSAAspar MotoGP Team (RC213V-RS)43m55.430s
18.Mike Di MeglioFRAAvintia Racing (Desmosedici GP14 Open)43m58.986s
19.Jack MillerAUSCWM LCR Honda (RC213V-RS)*44m4.449s
20.Claudio CortiITAForward Racing (Forward Yamaha)44m43.075s
21.Karel AbrahamCZEAB Motoracing (RC213V-RS)44m55.697s
Maverick ViñalesESPTeam Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR)*DNF
Cal CrutchlowGBRCWM LCR Honda (RC213V)DNF
Eugene LavertyIRLAspar MotoGP Team (RC213V-RS)*DNF
Alex De AngelisRSME-Motion IodaRacing (ART)DNF

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Yep, not a lot of battling going on. Jorge really beat up on MM, pretty much walking away from him.

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updated points: After 11 Rounds

1 Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 211
2 Valentino Rossi Yamaha 211
3 Marc Marquez Honda 159
4 Andrea Iannone Ducati 142
5 Bradley Smith Yamaha 106
6 Andrea Dovizioso Ducati 104
7 Dani Pedrosa Honda 91
8 Pol Espargaro Yamaha 81
9 Cal Crutchlow Honda 74
10 Danilo Petrucci Ducati 63
11 Maverick Vinales Suzuki 62
12 Aleix Espargaro Suzuki 53
13 Yonny Hernandez Ducati 41
14 Scott Redding Honda 37
15 Hector Barbera Ducati 20
16 Alvaro Bautista Aprilla 16
17 Loris Baz Yamaha Forward 15
18 Jack Miller Honda 12
19 Stefan Bradl Yamaha Forward 11
20 Michele Pirro Ducati 8
21 Nicky Hayden Honda 8
22 Eugene Laverty Honda 7
23 Hiroshi Aoyama Honda 5
24 Mike di Meglio Ducati 2
25 Alex de Angelis ART 1





1 Yamaha 252
2 Honda 204
3 Ducati 167
4 Suzuki 82
5 Yamaha Forward 20
6 Aprilla 16
7 ART 1

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so with 7 left to go, the quick math tells the tale: lets say Marc rips out all wins in the last 7 races, he would finish with 334 points, and lets also say that either VR or JL will get second in those last 7 races, would total 351, Marc would still loose the title, unfortunately Marc needs a DNF from either one in order to have a chance. There's no way he will not compete at 100% but we're looking at a Yam Champion this year, I'd love to see Vale take it to make an even 10 titles :)
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