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Motorcycle chase on TV NOW! AWESOME!

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There is a dude on a motorcycle running from police for armed robbery in Hermosa Beach. As always, I love watching these chases, but this is the first time I have seen a live motorcycle chase. My question is, why doesnt this dude, just take off into traffic?
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LOL, the dude dont kow how to turn... no lean. If it was me and I was just going for the attention like he seems to be (otherwise, he'd take off), Id be taking some mean turns...

He is only going about 50-60 and raising his arm at the helo... going towards Long beach.
Yeah, there is like absolutely no traffic. which is hard to believe for so cal.
Ir looks like an older model R1 (before undertail exhaust).
Yeah, he sucks at turning.... but has balls running every light without slowing...

Announcer are clueless... they are talkig about how this guy could outgo the cop cars on gas...
Dammit! He is going into restricted airspace.
Dammit, he stopped. Why do they always stop? Why cant it end in bad accident every now and then? I watch these things all the time and I never see a good (exciting) ending.
No, I think it was an older R1 (before undertail exhaust) judging from the headlights and exhuast and tail. From the side, it was hard to tell, but it did kinda look like it might have been fairingless.

That dude is screwed. Why didnt he try to run?
It was hard to tell. there wasnt any clairity in the coverage and it was at night.
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