Honda CBR 600RR Forum banner app, is it worth it?

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to those of you that purchased the app, as the title says, is it worth $3? i'm considering pulling the trigger and purchasing the app but am interested on your thoughts/ feelings on the app. i know, i know... its only $3, but still... your thoughts/feelings on the app. thanks.
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I love it, They just updated it too, so I can add photos from my camera on my phone! Worth the 3$

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sweet thats good to know thanks
I think so. Just bought it myself a few days ago. I like it because I can manage multiple sites/forums with it.

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Actually I haven't purchased it so i don't know whether its worth it or not.But if its really that worthy than I can give a try to this.
I love it! It's my favorite app! Well worth the $3. I'm using it now as I usually am.
I have it and like it. And agree with Larry... New update with being able to snap a pic and post it is a great addition! It is a tad pricey for an app, but worth it in my opinion.
It's my favorite app!! So worth it
It's a good forum app... No adds or anything.. The search function blows.. If you use .net alot then yes it's def worth 3 bucks.

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99% of the time I'm on .net I'm using the app, defo worth it.

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Worth all 300 cents. And if it wasnt oh well it's 3 bucks
its worth it to me.. but i also didnt have to pay for it :eek:hyeah:

and i think im the only one that deleted the dumb signature it leaves, cuz i post using it all the time.
I think I got it for free as well!
I just bought it a few minutes ago, and already enjoy it better then regular browsing on my phone. So much quicker. Definitely worth it IMO!

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If you don't mind being on a forum on your phone its great, well and truly better than using opera or the like... I just don't like having to try and type on my phone to much though...
I have it for my Evo and love it. However, I wish it was specific to 600rr alone because I hate having to choose it each time I open the app. I don't use any of the other forums it offers. Oh well!
I have it for my I phone I'm on the forums alot more just because of the convenience of it but three bux is alot in app world.
But nothing ventured nothing gained my 2 cents of 300 : )
Yuppers love it, worth it. Works really well

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sweet, thanks everyone for all the input.
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