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After riding for about 200 miles today. I parked my bike for an hour and tried to ride, only to have her dying on me immediately after startup. I did ride through a torrential downpour for awhile today. The oil pressure light did stay on for a bit. I checked the oil level (cold) and it was fine. I searched the problem and came up with the Engine Oil Pressure being the likely culprit with the wet weather. After a couple more hours it did start up fine and the oil light went off.

- Do I need to install a New EOP Senor???
- Anything to Prevent the EOP Sensor from getting wet again?
- If not a new EOP Sensor; How do I fix the problem?
- Could it be something else?

I would like to be able to ride in the Rain and do ride far from home so....not ridding in the rain is not an option.

Bike Background:
I have owned the bike since 4k and do not beat on the bike. Never wheelied, stunted, or raced, just twisties and usual riding. I really baby compared to most. The previous owner was 42 yr old lawyer with small children who used it for commuting and some fun.
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