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I understand people have their good & bad Experiences with any deal/service place, so let me just Run down my experiences: SOmetime ago I was having an issue with my bike not starting, so I called service at the motorcycle mall(which is where I bought the bike co incidently) to schedule an appointment and see if they can come and pick the bike up- The guy I spoke with said "sure no problem" call me 1st thing in the am and I'll send someone out". Cool no problem. Called the next day, same guy stated that his pickup is tied up for the day, and to call him again tomorrow and he will DEFINITELY have someone come get it. OOOOKKK, no problem. Call the next day and guy's not even there. End of my dealing with them this time.

Call up today to get a whole bunch of mods done (520 conversion, swingarm swap, undertail install, PC3 install) and the guy tells me that he can't do any of the work because I didn't get any of the parts at the stealership? He states that because the stealership did not profit from the parts they couldn't guarantee any of the parts if they didn't work.


Conversely, One of the guys in parts, Gio, is one of the coolest people you would ever meet & deal with. I highly recommend him, but stay away otherwise....
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