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Motorcycle purchases should be tax exempt

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I think this should be reality For many reasons. Bikes are much more environment friendly. If more people 2 wheeled, it would dramatically reduce our need for gas, thus contributing a fraction of a remedy to the war in the middle east. Bikes weigh less so roads would last longer. Alleviate traffic conjestion.
I just feel like they punish us for 2 wheeling when we should be rewarded.
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Good theory but you could also say that suv's and cars should not be taxed because you COULD car pool. That would take 4-8 other cars off the street.
criminal said:
What is with this carpooling fantasy. Who conveiniatly works the same hours at the same place as all these other people to car pool with. Besides that most people would find out in order to carpool you would have to drive so far out of your way to pick these people up it would probly triple gas usage.
Bikes are the way to go. perfect for commuting!!!!!!!
whats with your tax exempt bike fantasy?
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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