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Motorcycle purchases should be tax exempt

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I think this should be reality For many reasons. Bikes are much more environment friendly. If more people 2 wheeled, it would dramatically reduce our need for gas, thus contributing a fraction of a remedy to the war in the middle east. Bikes weigh less so roads would last longer. Alleviate traffic conjestion.
I just feel like they punish us for 2 wheeling when we should be rewarded.
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Deja_Vu said:
QFT. If you really wanted to "save energy", you would be carpooling, riding the bus, or some other means of public transportation. Motorcycles do get better gas mileage than most other vehicles, but nothing beats the efficiency of public transportation.
Yah in places that public transportation exists. You have to get rid of tunnel vision. Not everybody lives in big cities. For instanceI Ride 45 miles on my bike to get to work then 45 back. Thats south alabama. But, I don't complain. I love the ride ripping through the back roads. Public transportation will never be a possiblitity in a place like this. Not that i would ever use it. I love my freedom too much.
pantablo said:
except that most of us ride them recreationally, not instead of our cars but in addition to our cars. using your logic, and the reality of most riders usage, motorcycles would have a luxury tax put on them.
You are my point exacty. Because of your ideology and the pretense that bikes can only be recreation we will never be taken seriously. And gas guzzling suv's will continue to dominate the roads detroying the environment and smashing into us without any criminal charge.
Knightslugger said:
I think that they should be taxed. where else are we going to get money for programs like public education, Infrustructure development, and alternative energy R&D?
Foolishness.... First off education should be privatised because government schooling is a dismal disaster. cutting taxes on bikes would increase the sales of fuel efficient bikes thus forcing large auto makers into a frenzy to beat the competition and create more fuel efficiant automobiles. You have to stop relying on the government to take care of you. This is capitalism let the market work itself out.
The goverment is not the solution. the goverment is the problem!
Knightslugger said:
I understand that. but when schools become privatised, tuition skyrockets exponentually. I very much doubt that cutting taxes on motorcycles would increase sales dramaticly enough to push manufactures on both sides to start pushing out FEVs. I agree that CUREENTLY the government is the problem, but government is the answer so as long as it's responcible.
Clearly you don't understand economics. The more private schools competing the cheaper the rates will get. Just like when the internet was spawned, it was a monopoly very expensive. Now there are hundreds of little companies out there offering low rates.
Tuition for public schooling is off the chart. just look at your paycheck and see the absurd amount of taxes they take out for it. It is a government controlled monopoly. They can charge whatever amount they want and the blind will continuosly pay their hard earned cash.
Motorcycles are disliked by the upper echelon (oil tychoons) because they do not benefit them. Every mile you put on that bike as a commute you take money out of their pockets.
fire1811 said:
Good theory but you could also say that suv's and cars should not be taxed because you COULD car pool. That would take 4-8 other cars off the street.
What is with this carpooling fantasy. Who conveiniatly works the same hours at the same place as all these other people to car pool with. Besides that most people would find out in order to carpool you would have to drive so far out of your way to pick these people up it would probly triple gas usage.
Bikes are the way to go. perfect for commuting!!!!!!!
fire1811 said:
whats with your tax exempt bike fantasy?
Just thinking outside the parameters of the stautus qou. Tax exemptions are a positive possibility and an attack on something that is wrong.

by Car pooling you are admitting that something is wrong but you do not contain the minerals to fight and come up with alternative.

Tax exemt motorcycles would stimulate motorcycles sales which would open more shops for gainful employement of more salesmen. There would be more factory oriented jobs for manufacture and distrubution. thuis helping the economy.

Now tell me how does carpooling help the general public? There are to many factors negatively effecting it. i could block anything you say about it.
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