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my 07 rebuild update

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Soo what happened exactly lol?

Looks great btw :D
scratched up the black plastics getting bucked off from a crack in the road off of Beverly glen Sherman oaks... took advantage of insurance claim!
Nice man, came out great. Glad to hear your ok too :D
looks awesome man!!
looks good dude, nice and clean.
thanks guys I can't wait to get back riding its only been a Montgomery but it feels like forever when I get the bike hope ill list up all that was done lots of new goodies
Yeah dude nice looking ride... where did you purchase the plastics? How is the alignment and such?
I think we went with
Primo bodywork man.
nice race look, but not sticker happy crazy.
thanks I wanted to keep it more simple plus the blue is custom darker than original konica scheme
tail section looks great with that kit. nice rebuild
thanks guys i talked to the shop lol she's havin a hard time sellin my black plastics....AND we're waiting on my asv shorties to ship in
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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