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My 09 track build

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For those interested, this link here is from the beginning of my history with the bike, I figured no need to start all over again and bore you lol.

I was going to wait until the body work was actually painted to post, but figured why not just take everyone along for the ride. Who knows maybe some extra pictures can help some other members on here, I know pictures sure helped me a lot when doing research.
Since I made that post I have my new Arrow headers installed (see pics for comparison of old Yoshi header and new Arrow), got my Woodcraft clip ons all adjusted along with Motion Pro Rev3 throttle kit and replacement clutch cable. I made my own "key eliminator switch" for now with an old kill switch I had lying around (still have an uncut one for converting back if necessary). I would like to get a nice custom switch at some point.

I also used some more zip ties than in the pictures for final mounting to make sure nothing comes unplugged ;).
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Yoshi sits WAY lower and interferes with most race bodywork:mad:
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Arrow is nice and tucked up, no clearance issues :D
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Clip ons all set up and ready to go!!
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I have fitted the Armour Bodies race bodywork (07-08 lower is better than 09-12 ;)) and I think I have decided on a 2 color combo to offset the 2 wheels. I still have to decide where I will split the colors exactly but I like the "custom" white I had originally for contrast on the front wheel, and I found a close match to the front wheel color that I can use to contrast the back wheel.
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Nice work Bus_1!

Can you get the oil filter off between the headers now? Did you have to remove the fairings on the Yoshi to change the oil filter? That's one thing I love about my '04. I learned early on I could get the oil filter out through the bottom between the header pipes.
We are still deciding if we should do a pin stripe to separate the colors or not.
Yes to pin striping between the colors. I like the burnt orange but what's the 2nd color?
That tank cover looks awesome! I'm not sure I could put white over that. :love:
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Decall YES! (y)(y)

But I call total BS Bus!

You're not building a track bike. You've morphed into a garage queen. How the hell are you going to crash this bike now? :LOL:
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Looks awesome Bus!

Still too damn gorgeous to be a track bike!
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We are not supposed to pass from turn in cone to apex, and its prefered to pass inside after apex.
After that I had asked about being bumped up to the advanced (blue) class and had my "test" after lunch in the 5th session of the day, the pace was much better in the advanced class but I was starting to fatigue by this point and my times/lines were a clear indicator of this. I went out 2 more times in blue with a buddy of mine now that we could actually ride togehter but had to skip the last session of the day before I hurt myself or anyone else.
The track coaches should be making judgement calls to bump people like you up to Adv class and bump other people down to beginner. Some of those people should not be in Int. class yet.

I want to know about the onboard software you ere running for lean angle, throttle/brake, G-forces, etc...
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