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My 2007 RR Opinion......RANT...LONG.......

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Well after all this wait, and discussionion the past sevral months I also was getting all pumped up over this NEW SUPPOSED RR.

Even debating selling my highly prized and moded (alot of my free time) 2003 RR to get this all NEW RR.

I truly am pretty let down, to me its the same as the changes between the 03 04 to the 05 06.

Big deal.......I mean at least the 05 05 has USD Forks, and some slight body changes, a few more H.P. , but big deal, this to me seems that this is all the 2007 has on even the 05 and 06's.

Me personaly will stick with my 03 thats pretty damn sweet looking to me, and have been told by others also, and wish for HONDA to possibly do a FULL re-design maybe next year that is more apealing to me.

I pesonally think the sweetest bikes on the market as far as LOOKS he Triumph 675, in our price range.

I nevever rode one but boy they do look sweet....just my opinion.

Sorry for the RANT, but man all this anticipation over the new RR kinda let me down.

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sooperman12 said:
Honestly, I think everyone who's complaining about the looks of the bike should go take their skirts off and put on some pants. Should we put some decals of flowers and butterflies and sell it in pink for you? Geez. What? Do you go into showrooms and pick out a vehicle based on color or looks? I love this comment:

I nevever rode one but boy they do look sweet.

That's the funniest thing I ever heard. All the ranting I hear, it almost sounds like Honda needed to create a 600RRR. We're not going from an F4i to an RR again. There's no need to go through a radical re-design when the original wasn't all that bad. I mean Yamaha HAD to step it up big time to redefine the class.

Honda just had to make a couple of small steps and I can guarantee that Honda will have a winner on its hands in not just performance, but even in style and looks. Why? Because it's ALL FUNCTIONALLY beautiful. There, now, go stick a rose on that and call it purty.

That's just my opinion...:icon_salu
+1 on that Snoop! I love new RR... people judging just on looks alone... i think its looks awesome, an RR on a diet, lets face it folks all that fairing that were all used to, is no longer the trend...
and to those of you who are compaining about not having a slipper clutch, how many of you have used a slipper clutch on the street? Like most of the market, alot of these bikes will not hit the track.
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