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My 2007 RR Opinion......RANT...LONG.......

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Well after all this wait, and discussionion the past sevral months I also was getting all pumped up over this NEW SUPPOSED RR.

Even debating selling my highly prized and moded (alot of my free time) 2003 RR to get this all NEW RR.

I truly am pretty let down, to me its the same as the changes between the 03 04 to the 05 06.

Big deal.......I mean at least the 05 05 has USD Forks, and some slight body changes, a few more H.P. , but big deal, this to me seems that this is all the 2007 has on even the 05 and 06's.

Me personaly will stick with my 03 thats pretty damn sweet looking to me, and have been told by others also, and wish for HONDA to possibly do a FULL re-design maybe next year that is more apealing to me.

I pesonally think the sweetest bikes on the market as far as LOOKS he Triumph 675, in our price range.

I nevever rode one but boy they do look sweet....just my opinion.

Sorry for the RANT, but man all this anticipation over the new RR kinda let me down.

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Knightslugger said:

Also called H.I.S.S

Never heard of HISS meaning that, I have HISS on my bike. (European/Japan speced). Its a nice feature.

Honda Ignition Security System (H.I.S.S.)
Its an anti-theft feature but only offered on non-US speced bikes. Hopefully it will be a new feature on ALL new 07 RRs.

While I am not saying its the most beautifiul bike ever made, I do like it. I am telling you guys wait until you see more pics. Publicity shots are never very good, first hand photos will be more telling and accurate. As far as the new RR being aimed more for racing and hence its looks. They wanted to stay competive and I guess a radical make over was need. Its different, but I can't really think of another way they could have went. Its growing on me.
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