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my bike got hit in parking lot...lady stopped and left note..

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well lemme tell this point i feel all those times i hit stuff and left notes is coming back to me..
the other day i went to school for my motorbike class....i parked in the lot and chained the bike to a sign....

later campus police came looking for me...i thought it was about a parking ticket or something but i was surprised to see the lot filled with spectators all standing around my bike.
i guess the automotive collision appraisal class was holding a clas in the lot when it happened!
anyway...the lady left a note and contacted security..
nice lady...i wouldnt expect most people to do the right thing these days.
anyway...state farm rocks!
im getting a check for the damages soon as the dealership gives me an estimate...woo hoo!..
i guess im switching back from stuntmode..(no plastic, thrashed everything)
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Atleast she had enough class to leave you a note. It seems these days that most people don't give a $h!t and just drive off. Did the class learn anything?
+1 for stupid, but nice people.
I still woulda smacked her!
That does show a lot of class, there need to be more honest people in the world.
mpwrd3 said:
That does show a lot of class, there need to be more honest people in the world.
I thought you were selling it to go to Japan?
It's either she is honest or there were too many witnesses for her to slip away....
yeah thats the thing....i gotta get it repaired (shops lagging cuz they cant figure out what was damaged -before- the accident..its a stunta)
so anyways...when i get it goes up for sale...whats a good price for thrashed 03 clean title..14000 miles extra set of racetech built forks.a spare front rotor..a spare triple...?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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