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My first track day in Phoenix.

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I live in Tucson and rode up to Phoenix on my RR to my first track day. It was held at Firebird Raceway. There was like a thousand riders up there. All kinds of bikes and vendors were there. The track looked like a lot of fun and was huge with a lot of twisties. I got up the nerve to start talking to some of the guys about racing. Everyone was very helpful and talked away. I guess this goes on every Sunday up there. They have 3 tracks they rotate on at Firebird. I bought my first jacket while I was there. Its the Joe Rocket revolution jacket. I like it a lot. I got it for 169.00. Everyone else at the stores where selling it for 249.00. So I got a good deal on it. I know its not leather but it has to be a thousand times better then wearing a T-shirt. Its just to hot in AZ for me to use leather. Anyhow, I had alot of fun up there. I am going to take a couple of track schools and try my luck on the track. It just looked like soooooo much fun. I can't believe this all existed just up the road from me and I never knew about it. Does anyone on this board go to Firebird. It would be great to hook up with you up there and shoot the bull. Here is a link to the Firebird track days.

Oh, here is my 7 day forecast just to piss you east coasters off..Jk 8)

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HAHAHAHAHAHA.........thanks a$$. You're LOW's are our HIGH's. Did you do any riding on the track that day? If so how was it?
Hey Sheriff,

I live in Tempe and I've been to Firebird a couple times. It is a pretty decent track. The best track in town is AMP by far but they got shut down because they kind of fibbed on their permit applications. There are two companies that do trackdays: team arizona and You went to probably the coolest event because in was spring bike fest or something like that. Definitely stick to the track days cuz they more addicting than heroine.

P.S. Did you demo any of the new bikes?
Dciufo, I did not do any riding on the track yet. I have to get pants and boots yet. I am also going to take a couple of there schools first before I touch that track. Plyhard13, YOU CAN TEST RIDE THE BIKES? wooohooooooo!!!! :shock:
Well, not usually but the track day on sunday was also a demo day. I believe they had bikes from kawi, bmw, moto guzzi, ducati and maybe a few others. The only thing you really need are boots and gloves. rents leathers for free. go to for the one you were at or Team Arizona runs a bunch of schools and I think they have the better trackday. It is more laid back as they don't have the whole party atmosphere thing going on.
sounds cool---has anybody been to the new Barber track in Birmingham, Alabama?? I hear it is cool, but have not been yet.
Cool, thanks for the link. I'm checking it out now.
Oh, here is my 7 day forecast just to piss you east coasters off..Jk
It worked :(
Dont feel to bad. In a couple of months it will be 105-115. So the joke will be on me. :wink:
Dont feel to bad. In a couple of months it will be 105-115. So the joke will be on me.
But then we can just take a short drive to socal or new mexico where it is perfect!
BTW track riding is like drugs, one hit & you are hooked. Just start to save money now.
sorry I missed it


Sounds like a blast & I’m sorry I missed it. I was just gunna go watch as I’ve never opened tracked or raced street & was wondering what to expect & what was expected. I couldn’t end up going anyway. I’d be looking for someone to go with next time. Moreover, I got the Werkes eliminator & front signals on order and I’d like to get an “unofficial” “official” thumbs up on the legality of it . I did read your previous comments on the subject but could I send you some pics with descriptions? Or better yet, lets hook up for a ride.

that forcast don't bother me a bit :banban: and it's the weekend starting now
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rockitfuel, I'm going to the D-backs game tomarrow with my girlfriend. Sunday I'm going fishin with my dad. Next weekend I should be free. We can probably hook up then if thats good for you. I live up on the NW side of town. Oh, bye the way, we can have some fun and I promise you I won't give you any tickets. :bounce:
ok, PM is a dot net email

Let me know if i figured out the PM deal
ya you got it down. I PM'ed you back.
Any of you AZ guys, next time you come down this way to the Phoenix area give me a shout before you do so. I live 10 minutes away from Firebird raceway as I just bought a new house in a new development in Maricopa called Rancho Eldorado. I am sure you might have passed it on the 347 you drive through the desert then all the sudden houses Palm Tree paradise, new houses and stores going up everywhere. I am right on the way to the track and would cruz down there with you. The hot weather is coming I felt it this weekend riding ugh 120+ here we come! East coast bike in storage in winters. West coast bike in storage for summer unless if you want to ride in the middle of the night in AZ while it is still 90 to 100 in the summer. Goodtimes!
Sounds like an oasis kevinaz123.

Better be careful what ya say. Ya might just have me knocking at your door. :yikes: I hadn’t checked, are there track days in the summer?? I can’t imagine suiting up in leather in 120+ heat. We got night MX races/practice. I suppose it’s prob to much $$. Anyhose thanxs for the offer, I'm gunna check into it & PM ya laters...
I'm always heading up your way anyway

it might be different for you guys, but we are required to wear 1 piece or approved 2 piece leathers at our trackdays...

just a heads up. i'd hate to hear that you showed up to a trackday and they wouldn't let you ride because you didn't have to right gear...
I have the full gear now. Its not a one peice but it does zip together. Its not leather either. I got the JR Revolution jacket and JR Phoenix pants. I tried a friends leather jacket and the heat killed me. I know leather is better but I had to meet in the middle. I just can't bare 115 degrees and leather. If I do have to buy leather I will just use it at the track day.
Not sure about summer track days yet either depends to on the temp but a few years ago they were doing them in the morning till about 10 or 11AM then way to hot. I will find out and let you guys know as well. I really dont mind fellow bikers are always welcome out at my place.
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