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Well, gonna do some more stuff to my bike. Looking to see opinions on what you think about them. No, this is not a track bike. This is my commuter so I want it to look good. When I do come up with the funds for a 1k commuter, this will be straight track setup.

My winter list:

Samco Hoses in Red: keep her a little cooler during traffic and look a bit better

Steel Braided Cables/Hoses (Sleeves/Fitted):

HEL Brake lines but in red:

Cut the bracket off my yoshi and push it up so it sits more flush to the tail...

Yoshi Bar Ends: They're heavier than my shoguns. Want less vibes.

Solo Seat Cowl w/out pad:(Not a Targa Absurd prices)

Remove Rear Pegs

Maybe do the resonator mod and the pair valve removal. Unless the 06's don't have the valves? No clue...

Any thoughts, ideas for me? I don't have too much money on me as I live on my own and had to do repairs on my truck after assh0les shattered my window and stole some stuff. Still about $200 from finishing my truck after spending $600...

So I'm looking to spend $500 this winter and maybe a little more...

So any of you guys have good luck ordering these things from different places? If so how much? and how's the quality?

Little FYI: The sleeves and hoses that are steel braided are for my rear brake line, over flow tubes, couple of harnesses, and throttle and clutch cables...

That'll be the plans for this winter. And yes I will be doing this work from the comfort of my living room haha 2010 Summer, it'll get ASV Levers in black:

And some Vortex Rearsets

Should be nifty. I'll keep an update when the weather starts to turn which is only weeks away. Nights are starting to get frigid here.

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Get you wheels powdercoated to match the rearsets. Good job on removing the passager pegs. I did that to mine and it sort of forced my lady to buy a bike because I refused to ride with passagers. Lol thinking about my nuts.

For the hoses uses water wetter to and the could shave some degrees.
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