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My other 2 wheeled ride

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Just recently bought it off one of my neighbors. It's 2 years old but it's got some good components: XT front and rear derailers, RockShox Duke forks, Mavic wheels (rear is on the way) Maxxis tires. It's good for the mountains, uhh.... hills we have here in florida.

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Nice looking bike.
i have a GT avalanche ball burnished aluminum i got it over 10 years ago its got all xt comp. rock shox judys clipless i used to ride it everyday now i dont i got my rr
I would ride the RR everyday but, living 5 minutes from my office and with all the curved... uh... roads around here, the trail I goto offers twisties and some excitement, so I save the RR for the track and the bikeweek/biketoberfest festiveties. plus it's cheap on gas!
I think you should put some riser bars on it. Something about those straight bars is really ugly to me.. I used to have a nice Rocky Mountain.. I might be getting a Trek this weekend.
Nice... My fav corny bike joke: "Hey man, you've got a giant bike..."

I've got a Kona Stab that I XC on (for lack of a better XC bike for now), a GT Ti road bike, and Mountain Cycle DH rig.

Riding my DH bike, a couple of weeks ago:

A company acutally licensed the Honda name to use on re-badged Mountain Cycles a few years back, but it only lasted one trade show, then they dissappeared. Oh well...
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I sport a huffy EXO with an adjustable rear mono shock and fork shocks. it's also got a shock on the seat and quick release wheels. it only set me back about two hundy.
Sweet bike!!! Gotta take that thing to the trails down in New Smyrna.
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