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This is my review of Newport Cycle Parts located at:

1725 Monrovia Ave #A5
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

I am a native of Orange County (the “O.C.”), California (the nether region between Los Angeles and San Diego). In addition, I’ve been a customer at a competing bike shop, Mach One (also located in Costa Mesa / Newport Beach) ever since I owned my bike (600RR). Long (owner) of Mach One, has been in the motorcycle business for a very long time. Mach One most recently serviced my 600 mile tune-up. He did a good job and I feel I got my money’s worth.

I am always willing to pay for convenience (since I am always busy with my career), and I used to be a client of Mach One because they are local, but mainly because I knew of no alternatives in O.C. (excluding the rip-off dealerships). However, after browsing through several bike-owner Internet forums, I found that Mach One charged far too much for their accessories and labor rates. So I did some searching online and ran across Newport Cycle Parts’ website. It was well organized and I decided to go out on a limb and give the shop a call.

I spoke to Mike (the owner) and he offered a very competitive labor rate. In addition, his prices for parts and accessories were comparable to margin-crushing Internet prices. So I decided to make an appointment and go with Newport Cycle Parts. web link

The shop is located in an industrial park between Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. Newport Cycle Parts looked like many of the motorcycle shops I’ve visited: scattered with bikes, parts, and hundreds of tools.

My first impression of Mike was a favorable one. He was extremely friendly and he seems to be very knowledgeable with the motorcycle business. I was most impressed with his passion for his work. Like most small businesses, they have a charismatic staff who works their heart out for a living. I feel that since Mach One has been around for a long time, their service reflects a nonchalant attitude. As if they think that they are a monopoly in O.C. and they feel they can charge a premium and let quality slide a little.

Newport Cycle Parts installed my:

• Yoshimura RS-5 Titanium exhaust (sounds awesome)
• Competition Werks fender eliminator kit
• Gregg’s flushmount turn signals
• Intuitive frame sliders
• Reinstalled my passenger pegs after LED conversion from 2k2-1k (username of the guy on the forum who turns your passenger pegs into turn signals). Yes, I am completely inept when it comes to simple engineering skills…

I feel that Mike did an excellent job. He did great work on the frame sliders…the holes he drilled (into my precious fairings) were exactly the circumference of the Intuitives. I’d highly recommend him to all members who live in the O.C. He has prior experience with working on the new 600RR’s and he is very thorough with his work. If you live in O.C., he offers a highly competitive rate compared to Mach One and other shops I’ve heard of in O.C., L.A., and San Diego.

If anyone needs a reference from me, feel free to PM me. I would also like to add that I have no affiliation with Newport Cycle Parts; I am not an employee of the shop, I have no relatives that work there, or other conflicting factors. I am a simple customer who wants to pass on a good vendor experience to other members of 600RR’s rule.

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this is great to hear. we are always looking for good places to send our customers too (until we open up our own service and install center... soon :twisted: ). did you give him some of the tips i gave you regarding the exhaust and flushmounts?

glad everything worked out for you and you are happy (most important). i know how anxious/stressful it can be to find someone you can trust for things like this.

later... nick - mri

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I bought some flushmounts and short stalks from them and when I picked them up, Mike and I chatted for a while and he showed me the shop where they were restoring an RC45. Then he charged me less than the advertised cost for the lights. There was a Valentino Rossi calendar on his wall and I said "Nice calendar, where can I get one?" He took it off the wall and said, here, it's yours. Cool guy, even if you're only spending 30 bucks.

Good to hear. I've had a good experiences with them back in 03, but he did have some medical problems and had let his business slip a bit. Glad to hear things are back on track for Newport.
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