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Ok, now here is the deal, a dealership near quebec (I live there) has an 2003 R6 track bike to sell . They are offering it with a new frame from yamaha so I will not have to pay any taxes. The bike has just over half a season of races on it. It has :

motor porting
full hindle exhaust ti
tfi fuel injection
race tech front suspension upgrade
ohlins rear shock
ohlins steering d.
brake upg.
race body kit
+ some others small things and over 500 can$ of repair parts.

I am trading it for my stock 2003 600rr with only 6k miles on it.
How much money do you think I should pay for the deal , now they are offering me to pay 10000 can $ for the bike and they are giving me 7500 can$ for my bike. So I would pay 2500 can$ ( around 1900 us) for the deal. Is that too much, what do you guys think ?
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