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Hey guys so I have this 05 cbr600rr that I am getting track ready.

It has been sitting around for ages like 4-5 years but I got it running and basically got it almost there.
See previous thread

However when I was getting the valve clearances checked in the shop I was told that there was likely something wrong with the TPS as it wasn't running right and they couldn't get it past 10k rpm

Now at the time I thought it was just my dodge TPS connector as I noticed this myself but it clicks fine into the PC3 hardness which I was out of the bike at the time because I was waiting on a replacement.

So I get the bike back from the shop and install the PC3, at first it runs terrible but then I notice a broken wire on one of the injectors. I fix that and it seems to be running normal.

However here is the problem, I am affraid to admit I never actually ridden a 600rr before , I had a fireblade and now own a APrilia Tuono V4 1100RR

SO I am used to powerful bikes.

Of course I expected the 600 to be quite different but I suspect there might still be something wrong with the TPS sensor.

The mechanic told me that he thought there was something wrong because even they were able to connect the connector properly it still didn't run right.
They told me it wasn't going past 10k on the dyno and running lean and rough.

Well when I test rode the bike after installing the PC3 it seems smooth enough, I can get past 10k RPM and it doesn't seem to splutter (screams it's absolute head off though)
However I noticed a delay in throttle response, like I twist the throttle aggressively in 9k+ rpm and it seems to sometimes slowly accelerate not quite as instant as I would expect.

It is hard for me to know what is normal without riding another bike which I don't really have available to me.
And to send it back to the Dyno is going to cost about the same as just ordering a second hand throttle body with the TPS sensor on it.

Other info:
I tested my TPS sensor with a multi meter and I was getting within the normal voltage at full throttle and closed but I didn't measure inbetween or adjust the throttle position to neutral.

lastly, how hard is it to replace the throttle body on this bike?

I am comfortable taking off the tank and wires etc but I am kinda learn as I go type home mechanic.
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